WIT Rally 2015 Recap

WIT Rally 2015 Recap

Couldn’t make it to the WIT Club rally in Iowa? Check out our YouTube video and feel like you were there!

To give you the gist of it, pinwheels spun in the wind while people with a touch of wander lust brought their Winnebagos to the midwestern state of Iowa for a get-together of epic proportions. Having traveled from all over the country, WIT Club members found kinship in the friendly faces of fellow full-time RVers at the Grand National Rally last month.

The horns of passenger trolly cars could be heard from across the field. Golf carts danced around the grounds like bees looking for the next flower to light upon.

First-timers wore ribbons on their lanyards, proud of the new adventure, while others were returning for their fourth or fifth year.

This wasn’t Pat Haslauer’s first rodeo. Her husband is partners with Good Sam on the South Carolina board, and she hosted a seminar during the WIT Club rally. Pat said she and her husband make the trip every year.

“We travel the whole country every summer. I have 21 grandchildren, all over the place. Some in DC, some in California, one in Utah. We drive around and visit them all each year,” Pat said. “Then you come to a rally like this and you can have your coach serviced and meet people all at the same time.”

Don Steinhagen also volunteered to help make transporation an unequivocal experience for guests at the Winnebago Rally Grounds in Forest City. He said he has been attending the rally for the last four years, and brings his winnie along for the ride. One of his secrets to living his life on the road, is to have TV in his RV.

When I go three days without the news, I feel disconnected from the world… – Don Steinhagen, WIT Rally volunteer

Travelers parked their RVs on the grounds, then wandered around the tradeshow floor after listening to a Buddy Holly impersonator sing renditions of Richie Valens songs. Quite a few folks indulged in the cash-only vendor options. One dish was called Walking Tacos, which featured the makings of a veritable Mexican feast, packed into a Doritos bag for maximum portability and maximum deliciousness.

Across the road from the rally sat the Winnebago factory, where personnel were busy assembling RVs and affixing KING Jack TV antennas to the roofs of the vehicles whose owners opted for the addition. We were given the opportunity to tour factory, so stay tuned for our footage from inside the warehouse! Until then, watch our WIT 2015 video or view our album on Facebook for more information. If you find yourself in one of the photos, go ahead and tag it!

Until next year, happy trails!