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Better speed. Better range. Simply better connection to free Wi-Fi.

Save your cell data for another day, and reach the free Wi-Fi all around you. Whether it's your favorite coffee shop, a remote campground, the travel center on the side of the road or even the local grocery store - free Wi-Fi is everywhere and we can help you reach it.

With a premium suite of KING Wi-Fi products, you can stay connected to the things that matter most.


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The KING WiFiMax router creates your own personal, private, and secure WiFi network, just like you have in your home. When you are in range of an available WiFi source, you simply configure the WiFiMax to connect to that network. Then, it extends the internet access from that Wi-Fi source to your own private network so you can connect all your devices. Can be used on its own or with one of our powerful outdoor antennas.


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This powerful omnidirectional antenna allows you to connect to wifi signals in all directions, no need to point! Bundled with our KING WiFiMax router to broadcast internet signals throughout your coach on your own dual band private, password-protected VPN network.



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Our most powerful directional antenna allows you to connect to long range wireless internet signals from the farthest distance. Bundled with our KING WiFiMax router to broadcast internet signals throughout your coach on your own dual band private, password-protected VPN network.


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do WiFi antennas really work?

Yes, wi-fi antennas really do work to increase the range and speed of your wifi! These antennas work by picking up wireless internet signals from an access point (such as free campground wifi), sometimes from up to a mile away, and boosting them inside your RV, travel trailer, or other vehicle/structure. The antenna is connected to a router inside your RV which broadcasts the wireless signal throughout the coach on your own private, password-protected VPN network. This allows you to access high gain, boosted internet speed, even when parked far away from the source.

What does a WiFi antenna do?

As anyone well-versed in the RV or camper lifestyle will tell you, one of the most common struggles is being able to use the campground WiFi. Almost every RV campsite now provides free Wi-Fi access, however actually getting connected and getting a strong enough internet connection to stream and browse the internet is a huge challenge. The signal is often weak and too far away, so being able to use it from where your RV is parked is almost impossible. With fuller RV parks in the summer, that also means more people trying to connect to the wifi, which can lead to overcrowding the signal, making it very hard to use.

That’s where a WiFi booster or Wi Fi extender comes in. Essentially, it’s a device that makes your free campground WiFi signal usable. An RV WiFi booster takes the WiFi signals coming from your campground office, or another public source, and strengthens and extends those signals, so that you can have a better, stronger, more secure connection from wherever your camper is parked. WiFi antennas can also be used for pole barns, horse trailers, ice and fish houses, hunting shacks, out buildings, trucks, and more.

KING has three different options for WiFi range extenders and boosters, depending on how much strength and distance you need. The first option is our basic WiFiMax router and range extender, which can be used on its own, or bundled with one of our outside antennas that mount on the roof of your RV. The WiFiMax is plugged in inside your coach, and it works by taking WiFi signals and repeating them inside your RV using dual band technology (both 2.4 GHz AND 5 GHz), on your own secure, private, password-protected network. The WiFiMax has an easy setup - simply plug it in and set up the app, no installation required. If you don’t typically have a super long distance between your camper and the WiFi source, this WiFi repeater may be all you need.

If you’re looking to add a little more long range distance and strength, you can add on one of our outdoor external antennas which get installed on the roof of your RV or structure, then connect to the WiFiMax router and range extender inside your RV. The KING Falcon is the most powerful external WiFi antenna, using automatic directional wifi strength to automatically track and locate usable WiFi signals from up to a mile away. Directional antennas like the KING Falcon only pick up signals from one direction, so they are able to direct a lot more power and bandwidth into acquiring long range signals. Because the KING Falcon is fully automatic, it points and locates these signals all on its own - no need to point or direct it!

If you’re looking for an antenna a little more powerful than the WiFiMax, but still a great value at a competitive price, try our KING Swift Omnidirectional WiFi antenna which is also installed on the roof of your RV. Omnidirectional antennas like the KING Swift pick up Wi-Fi signals from every direction, up to a half mile away from where you are parked, and give you access to the best wifi signal and internet connection possible.

Do wi-fi antennas make a difference?

If you tend to struggle with weak wifi signals, or are frequently out of range or too far away from the access point to get a usable signal, a wifi antenna could definitely make a difference for you. Most commonly, RVers use them to boost their free campground wifi so they can stream movies and tv shows from their coach or even work from their RV. Additional uses include pole barns, horse trailers, ice and fish houses, hunting shacks, outbuildings, and more.

Until you are RVing regularly, you may not understand why someone would spend hundreds of dollars on an RV WiFi booster. But once you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to establish a strong internet connection on campground WiFi when you really need it and having it fail you, then you know just how vital it is to have a tool that allows you to make the campground WiFi usable.
An additional perk of a WiFi extender? It’s a one time purchase, and after that, using the internet is FREE. That means, no expensive hotspot device monthly fees. No going over your data allowance on your cell phone plan, or getting throttled back for using too much data to stream. You can connect to WiFi around you that’s completely free to the public.

What if my RV is pre-wired for KING WiFi?

If you have recently purchased a new RV model, you may have noticed a sticker in your RV saying that your RV is pre-wired for KING WiFi. This means that if you choose to add a KING Wi Fi external antenna, you won’t need to drill a hole through the roof of your RV in order to connect it to the inside WiFiMax router - that has already been done for you! This makes installation much easier, and completely doable to do on your own, without having to hire someone to install it for you.

For more information on Wi-Fi Pre-Wires, check out our page here

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