This is How You Watch the Big Game in Style in Your RV

“We have fallen in love with mobile satellite TV,” says Gail Cummings

If you could travel all over the country, and still be able to follow your favorite football teams, how would you watch the game in your RV? Take a hint from RJ and Gail Cummings, who have it all figured out. Here’s what they had to say about their most recent experience with the KING Tailgater:

We have been using the KING Tailgater satellite TV dish with a Dish Network receiver for nearly two weeks now and we have fallen in love with mobile satellite TV. We are using satellite TV primarily for watching movies, national and international news, and sports (no local channels). Several movie channels are included in the basic Dish programming and we have been able to catch up on some movies we missed. We were thrilled to discover that the basic sports programming included some college sports. As an Ohio State graduate, RJ enjoyed the first two OSU football games live – both wins. GO BUCKS!

The installation of the equipment was straight forward following simple instructions to connect the equipment components and orient the satellite dish. Once connected you need an unobstructed view of the southern sky to receive the Dish Network TV satellite transmissions. Without an unobstructed southern sky view the system cannot find the satellites. At our current Utah location we have some challenges with trees and a steep hill behind our RV partially blocking our southern exposure. So while we got some reception with the dish sitting behind our RV we had some interference. The answer was to elevate the dish to overcome the obstacles. The latest KING Tailgater design provides for stable, non-slip positioning so I relocated the dish to the roof of the RV to improve satellite reception and resolve the issue. Once your equipment is functioning you call Dish to activate you system and you are in business.

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