How to use the KING SureLock Signal Meter

How to use the KING SureLock™ Signal Meter

When you’re trying to relax, you don’t want to waste time waiting for the channel scan on your TV.  Before you hit that scan button, use the KING SureLock signal meter to make sure your antenna is aimed in the best direction for TV signal.

Keep in mind, that the KING SureLock does not amplify existing signal along with the noise, but helps you aim your antenna more accurately directly at the tower for best clean reception.

To get started, insert the 9V battery (included) into your KING SureLock signal meter, and turn the device on. Install the KING SureLock between the TV and the antenna.  An extra coax cable is included to help.  Make sure that the coax cable that leads to the TV is connected to the port on the KING SureLock labeled “TV”.  Connect the coax leading to the antenna to the port that reads “Antenna”.

When the KING SureLock is powered on, you’ll see one red light to the right of the signal strength indicators. If that is on, blue lights (may be blinking) will indicate signal strength, starting from the lowest signal on the right, to the highest signal on the left.

Now, turn the knob that controls the direction of the antenna, and watch the lights on the signal meter to gauge the best direction to point your antenna to acquire the best signal, ultimately giving you the greatest number of TV channels.  Be sure to rotate your antenna a full 360°.surelock-signal-meter

Are you watching TV in a metro area? The signal may appear off the charts; you’re likely very close to the broadcast towers, but may be unable to pinpoint the best signal.  In this case, turn the attenuator knob, located on the KING SureLock signal meter, counter-clockwise to decrease the sensitivity of the meter. Now, rotate the antenna 360° while watching the LED lights, to find the direction where your antenna should be pointed to find the best signal (this will be indicated on the signal meter with an increase in blue lights).

If you’re in a rural area, say, out camping in the woods, and your signal meter appears to pick up absolutely no signal whatsoever, turn the attenuator knob clockwise to increase sensitivity. rotate the antenna 360°, to find the direction of the best signal; the direction that resulted in the most LEDs being lit.

There you have it! The KING SureLock is designed to help you find the best direction to point your antenna, so that you can watch the most TV channels available in your area. Simply connect the signal meter to your TV and antenna and you’ll be watching TV in minutes.

Once you found your favorite channels, turn off the KING SureLock. There is no need to drain the battery and the LEDs are bright (especially at night).

Questions? Call KING’s knowledgeable customer service staff at 952-922-6889 ext. 173 for more information.