Second Receiver Setup Instructions: DISH

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to set up your DISH-compatible second receiver for use with our KING satellite TV antenna.

Initial Setup for Second Receiver


1. With the antenna locked on the satellite and the second receiver connected to the antenna unit’s AUX port coax, use your DISH remote control and press MENU, 6, 1, 1 to display the Point Dish screen.


2. Use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight Check Switch. Press SELECT on your remote.


3. Verify SuperDISH and Alternate are not selected. Verify Test is highlighted. Press SELECT on your remote.


4. When test is complete, highlight Save. Press SELECT on your remote.

Downloading Programming to the Second Receiver

After completing the steps on the previous page, reset the second receiver by pressing the POWER button on the front panel for 10 seconds. The TV picture will go away and should reappear within two minutes.

The receiver will then download the program guide to show only the channels available on the current satellite as determined by the channel selected on the main receiver. Downloading the new program guide can take up to five minutes to complete.

The channels available on the second receiver are determined by the channel/satellite selected on the main receiver. For example, if you select a channel on the main receiver that is broadcast from the 119 satellite, then the second receiver will be able to view any channel broadcast from the 119 satellite.

If you switch channels on the main receiver to one that is broadcast from a different satellite, (for example, your channel was broadcast from satellite 119 but your new channel is broadcast from the 110), the antenna will automatically switch to the 110 satellite and programming will be lost on the second receiver until you either:

• Select a channel on the main receiver that is broadcast from the previous satellite (satellite 119 in this example).
• Reset the second receiver by following INITIAL SETUP FOR SECOND RECEIVER (on previous page) to download the program guide for the newly selected satellite (satellite 110 in this example).

NOTE: Using a second receiver requires KING satellite TV antenna to have dual outputs. If you choose a channel on the main TV that causes the antenna to switch satellites, you may have to run a check switch on the second receiver.