Follow these simple instructions to learn how to set up your DIRECTV-compatible second receiver for use with our KING satellite TV antenna.

secondary-directv2Initial Setup for Second Receiver

1. Connect the second receiver and TV to the AUX port on the antenna unit

2. Plug the receiver’s power cord into the nearest power outlet. Also, plug the TV’s power cord into the nearest power outlet.

3. Choose your TV’s input that matches the connection from your receiver. You will then see the receiver’s satellite setup menu screen on your TV.

4. Verify the receiver is configured as follows:

• Dish Type: 01: 18″ Round
• Switch Type: 02: Multiswitch

Once completed, the receiver will default to these settings unless they are changed.

NOTE: Using a second receiver requires KING satellite TV antenna to have dual outputs. For a list of compatible receivers, visit our Receivers page.