Follow these simple instructions for pointing KING Jack antennas for over-the-air broadcast reception and click here to access the Owner’s Manual.

king-jackPositioning the antenna

1. Turn on Power Injector (power is now supplied to the KING Jack antenna).

2. Turn on KING SureLock Signal Meter with switch on side of rotational knob enclosure.

3. Rotate attenuator dial fully clockwise.

Note: In step 4, LED lights will illuminate from left (next to power) to right. All LED lights may not illuminate depending on signal strength.

king-jack4. Depress button on rotational knob. Rotate antenna until maximum number of LED lights illuminate on signal meter.

5. Rotate attenuator dial counter clockwise until last illuminated LED light flickers.

6. Rotate antenna to illuminate last flickering LED light.

7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 to pinpoint signal reception.

8. Follow instructions for TV or converter box to scan for available channels.

Note: Arrow on knob indicates which direction antenna is pointing.