Q. How do I turn off my Trac-King?

A. Please hold the “ENTER” and “-” down simultaneously until the Trac-King display reads “Off”.

Q: Will my Trac-King or Sea-King continue to operate as satellite transmissions transition to new formats?

A: KING’s discontinued Trac-King and Sea-King products were designed to work with the widest range of satellite transmissions commonly used through 2015.  As various satellite television providers have announced plans to move to higher-density data transmission methods, these legacy products will eventually cease to be compatible.  KING cannot provide a specific timeline as to when this will occur, as the timeline is subject to changes employed by the various satellite television providers themselves.

Q: My Trac-King or Sea-King seems to work at this time, but I have a question about using it with my satellite receiver.  Can I still call for telephone support?

A: Absolutely!  Until the transmission changes currently being deployed by the various providers of satellite television services are complete, KING will continue to assist customers in getting the most from their legacy systems so long as they are in good working order.

Q: My system is no longer working.  Can you repair it for me?

A: Unfortunately, parts for these systems are no longer available.  Please call KING’s Customer Service team at 952-922-6889 to discuss other options that you may have.