Q. Do I still need a digital converter box if I have a KING Jack antenna?

A. If your TV does not have a built-in digital tuner, then a digital converter box will be required.

Q. Can I use my pre-existing power booster with the KING Jack?

A. Yes, you may use your existing power booster with the KING Jack as long as it provides 12 volts DC to the antenna.

Q. Can I hook up two power boosters to my KING Jack to get better signal?

A. No, you can possibly damage one of the power boosters and the KING Jack antenna.

Q. Can I split the signal from my KING Jack to 2 TVs?

A. Yes you can, but the splitter may need to be in-line between the power booster and the TV.

Q. Can I install the OA8000 KING Jack head replacement on another antenna mount beside the Winegard® Sensar® mount?

A. Antenna Tek makes a mount similar to the Sensar® mount, which is compatible with the OA8000. Also, the OA8000 comes with a pole mount bracket which allows it to be mounted to a stationary pole (not on a vehicle).

Winegard and Sensar are registered trademarks of Winegard Company. KING is not affiliated with Winegard Company.

Q. My OA8000 antenna head does not lay flat when cranked down.

A. The pins on the bracket are not in the correct location. Please look carefully at the diagram in the manual provided. One pin should be in one of the top holes and the other pin should be in the bottom hole on the opposite side.