Q. What satellites will the KING Quest receive?

A. The KING Quest will receive DIRECTV satellite 101 only, unless the UC1000 (sold separately) is used.

Q. What satellites can I receive with the UC1000?

A. DIRECTV 101 and 119, DISH 61.5, 110, 119, and 129, Bell TV 82 and 91.

Q. Can I remove the UC1000 once I have programmed the KING Quest for my desired satellites?

A. No, the UC1000 must be left in line with the KING Quest.

Q. My DIRECTV receiver has “SWM-1” written on the back of the receiver on the “Satellite In” port, is my receiver incompatible?

A. Not necessarily, the KING Quest is not compatible with SWM only receivers, however, there are some DIRECTV receivers that can be used in SWM mode and non-SWM mode (Multiswitch selection for switch type). Click here for compatible receivers.