Q. Is it necessary to set the dipswitches on the board in order to program the antenna system to receive DIRECTV, DISH or Bell TV?

A. Do not change any of the factory satellite system dipswitch settings. Doing so will cause the system to malfunction or, at least, work improperly and may require the unit to be sent back to the factor for repair. Programming the satellite system can be preformed with a KING Diagnostic Keypad or possibly with a KING Dome controller depending on the units serial number. Call KING at 952-922-6889 with the unit’s serial number to verify whether the Keypad or the Controller is required.

Q. My KING Dome is not tracking when I move.

A. Be sure you are putting the system into in-motion mode before moving. Hold down the Triangle or “Track” switch (located on your KING Dome controller) for one full second. The status light will begin to blink green before going back to solid green. The system is now programmed for in-motion mode and will track the satellite as your vehicle moves. NOTE: The KD2000 and 9704 models are not in-motion satellite systems, so this only applies to the KD3000 and 9754 models.