KING Satellite Antennas Ready for Changes to DIRECTV SD/HD Service. 

Years of Preparation and Development by KING Pays Off for KING Satellite TV Customers.

Bloomington, MN – KING is excited to announce that our current line-up of DIRECTV-compatible satellite antennas and numerous legacy systems will continue to receive DIRECTV programming during and after the DIRECTV transition from Standard-Definition to High-Definition on their Ku Band satellite.  DIRECTV will notify subscribers when they can schedule their DIRECTV equipment upgrade.  There is no KING equipment upgrade required.  For more details, please follow the link below.

Current Products

Legacy Products

King-Dome In Motion
(9754, KD3200)

KING Dome – Stationary
(9630, 9702, 9704, KD2000, KD2200)

(VQ1000, VQ2000, VQ3000, V10, V20, V30)

Setup for Second Receiver

What would you do if two members of your family wanted to watch different channels while you’re out camping, tailgating, or RVing? The answer is simple. Using these easy-to-follow instructions you can set up a second receiver for your mobile satellite TV antenna. Choose your service provider from one of the links below and let’s get started!

DISH: Second receiver setup and use with KING satellite TV antenna
DIRECTV®: Second receiver setup and use with KING satellite TV antenna