Tripod Mount for Satellite TV Antennas (TR1000)

Tripod Mount for Satellite TV Antennas (TR1000)

The KING Tripod Mount allows you to elevate your KING Portable Satellite TV antenna – specifically your DISH® Tailgater®, DISH® Tailgater® Pro, KING Tailgater®, KING Quest™, or KING One Pro™- to deliver the best line of sight to the satellite while protecting your antenna from moisture on the ground. It provides an extra wide footprint to ensure stability, and is a convenient way to provide height without having to permanently mount your satellite TV antenna to the roof of your RV, camper or trailer.


Product Overview

  • Tripod Mount for Satellite TV Antennas
  • Elevates height of DISH® Tailgater®, DISH Tailgater Pro, KING Tailgater, KING Quest, KING Quest Pro, and KING One Pro Satellite TV Antennas
  • Protects antenna from ground moisture, debris and insects
  • Extra wide footprint to ensure stability
  • Lightweight design; only 4 pounds
  • Preassembled parts
  • Folds together for compact storage
  • Includes three ground pegs
  • Includes custom carry bag



Tripod Mount for Satellite TV Antennas
Part #: TR1000

  • For use with the following KING antenna models:
    • KING Tailgater® Antenna (VQ4500)
    • DISH® Tailgater® Antenna (VQ4400 & DT4400)
    • DISH® Tailgater® Pro Premium Antenna (VQ4900 & DTP4900)
    • KING Quest For Bell TV (Canada) and DISH® (USA) (VQ4200)
    • KING Quest™ Antenna (VQ4100)
    • KING Quest Pro Premium Antenna (VQ4800)
    • KING One Pro™ Premium Antenna (KOP4800)

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