High Gain OTA Antennas

The gain of an antenna indicates how well the antenna focuses energy from a particular direction, in comparison with a standard antenna. All of KING’s over-the-air tv antenna options are considered high gain, because they are designed to pick up signals from a long range distance. 

Which Antenna Has The Highest Gain?

Our most powerful high gain tv antenna is the KING Jack HDTV antenna. Directional antennas are able to pick up and gain broadcast tv signals and stations from the longest range away because they focus all of their energy on pointing in only one direction. The KING Jack digital tv antenna comes with a built-in digital signal meter and finder that make pointing this tv antenna easy.

Looking to avoid the annoyance of having to point the antenna toward the tv broadcast tower every time you relocate? Check out one of our omnidirectional antennas, which pick up tv signals in all directions (uhf and vhf, omni directional). What’s more, you can use this antenna both as an outdoor antenna installed to the roof of your RV, or as an indoor antenna for your home. 

All KING tv antennas are designed to pick up both VHF and UHF signals. UHF and VHF refer to the different frequencies of broadcasted stations. Many of our KING antenna options can be used as both outdoor antennas and indoor antennas, so they can be used both at home or installed on the roof of your RV or travel trailer. 

What Is The Strongest HDTV Antenna?

The strongest of our HD TV antennas is the KING Jack HDTV directional antenna. This amplified, ultra-high gain antenna offers the best digital TV reception accessible for your RV or home, allowing you to gain the maximum amount of quality channels. With a wide reception range and improved signal strength, the KING Jack provides improved UHF band signal reception - where more than 80 percent of new HDTV channels are broadcast - and continues to offer excellent reception of remaining VHF frequency channels. The built-in amplifier will mitigate noise created by splitters, coax cable lengths, and tuners between your antenna and your television. 

Do High Gain Antennas Make A Difference?

Absolutely, our long range antennas could mean the difference between picking up just a few nearby channels within a limited line of sight, and picking up many farther away channels from miles away, at a higher viewing quality. With both indoor and outdoor options, KING offers a variety of different solutions for both RV and home use, allowing you to take your favorite channels with you wherever you roam.