On the Road: These 10 Veggies Save Time and Space

On the Road: These 10 Veggies Save Time and Space

Don’t have a place to park your garden? Bring it inside the camper! Don’t throw your veggies away, try regrowing them so you can enjoy them again and again. Here are some replantable vegetables and different options for containers that fit perfectly–and save space–inside your RV or motorhome.



What can we say about onions? They typically make us cry when we try to cut them, yet they are oh-so-tasty complement to almost any meal. So why not keep an extra few bulbs in the camper for safe-keeping? Replant an onion in light soil, root side down, and you’ll find new buds sprouting within weeks.


When you buy a head of Iceberg lettuce and make yourself a Caesar salad, what do you do with the lettuce unused? Most people would throw away the spine of the lettuce–that hard part that seems inedible at first glance. Well, now you don’t have to throw it away. Just replant it and you’ll soon have a brand new head of lettuce.


Beets, like onions, are part of the family of root plants. This means you can regrow them from clippings or leftover scraps. You just need to salvage the tops of the beets and place them in a container of water.


Now, here’s a plant that’s widely used in the more exotic cooking cultures. Cilantro is a mainstay for a ton of recipes around the Sunbelt such as chili and guacamole. I’ve even seen Vietnamese bahn mi sandwiches topped with cilantro, for a little added crunch. You can replant the step in a glass of water. When you notice that the roots have grown a few inches, then it’s time to plant the sprigs in a pot of soil.


Ginger can be used as either as a pallet cleansing side dish (think, sushi), garnish for a sweet desert, or some drink ginger tea. To regrow this root submerge your ginger scraps in moist soil. You can then begin harvesting the plant in about a year.


You can mix in a little bit of garlic into almost any savory meal. Garlic is also said to be good for your heart, so you might as upcycle the extra cloves that didn’t fit into your last pasta dish. Make sure you keep the soil moist and keep your garlic plant in a sunny spot in your RV and you’ll have more garlic before you know it!


Mushrooms can start to grow within a few days after being replanted. Simple plant the stalks in a mixture of soil and compost (or coffee grounds) and keep them in a moist environment for best results.


Have you ever purchase a 5 lb. bag of potatoes, decided to make some cheesy potato soup or other crock pot recipe and found a few shriveled up potatoes sitting near the bottom of the bag? Instead of trying to salvage them in your stew, just replant them and soon you’ll have more potatoes than you can count, growing from your self-made mini-garden!


Usually when you buy a whole pineapple, you cut away the skin, chop off the top, and slice up the fruit into bite-sized cubes as part of a midday snack. Right? Well, you might not have known this, but instead of throwing away the top part of that pineapple, you can replant it. It will take about 2-3 years before the new pineapple is ready to yield fruit, but it’s worth the wait!


Regrowing lemongrass is pretty simple. Put your unused stalks in a glass jar, fill with water, replace the water every other day or so, and voilá! Within a few weeks, you’ll be able to enjoy your own homegrown lemongrass recipes!


Do you have a green thumb and want to start from scratch? Sproutworld also sells tiny gardens that you can fit just about anywhere! So, why not try that on for size?