Minnesota natives bring their insider skills to the workplace

Minnesota Natives Bring Their Insider Skills to the Workplace

Shawn Primrose, Customer Service & Repair Technician

Part customer service representative, part repair technician, Shawn Primrose is 100 percent helpful when it comes to assisting customers with their products.

“Sometimes you have to maintain the positive vibe and make sure they understand we’re here for them and we want to do what we can so they don’t have to worry about maintaining their unit in the future,” Shawn said.

After four years of working for KING, his main priority is to call customers about their repairs, discuss options with them, and tell them what he plans to do to with the unit. He often talks to customers in person, when they arrive at the office in Bloomington looking for repairs. Then he troubleshoots problems and makes the necessary adjustments to get their products ready for the next adventure.

This is one way Shawn builds upon his past experience in marketing, as he works to maintain professional relationships with customers.

“I like being able to make everybody happy. I enjoy talking to them in person, rather than over the phone. You can read their body language, see their facial expressions,” Shawn said.

Not surprisingly, Shawn also sings and plays bass in a band, where he can practice his skills in promotion and public relations while honing in on his craft at the same time. Once or twice a week, he rounds up his group of friends and plays disc golf—weather permitting—and he’s lived in Minnesota his entire life, so he knows all the best spots to play.

“We disc rain or shine! We were disc golfing last winter when it was like -10 degrees outside,” Shawn said.

Jim Beneke, Systems & Firmware Engineer

Jim Beneke, systems and firmware engineer for KING, is relatively new to the company compared with Shawn, and he is also a Minnesota native. Having worked for the company for a little over a year, his main objective is to write the software that goes into KING antennas and perform updates for the various product lines.

He says his favorite part of the job is the mathematical elements that go into writing software.

“I like doing math. Locating satellites involves a lot of geometrical calculations,” he said.

He earned his master’s degree in math not long before he started working for KING, and now he is working toward another goal; that is running for the school board in St. Louis Park.

Jim ran for public office a couple of years ago and lost, but he believes he’ll have much better luck this time around.

“I think I have much better luck this time around. Even though there are five candidates for four spots, including three incumbents, I think I have a pretty good shot. I think the odds are on my side,” he said.

Being KING’s resident math whiz, he would know the laws of probability.

“I bill myself as a motion control expert. Both prior jobs, stretching back 25 years are related to that,” Jim said.

KING is lucky to have such experienced staff members as Shawn Primrose and Jim Beneke. While they work in different departments, their jobs are inextricably connected. And with Shawn’s insight in customer service and Jim’s knowledge of software systems, their expertise helps keep KING at the forefront of the industry.