Lou from RVHabit Loves Convenience of KING OmniGo™

The KING OmniGo™ omnidirectional over-the-air antenna helps you watch TV on the road anywhere, anytime. RVers and tailgaters love the KING OmniGo for its compact design, portability, and powerful signal acquisition.
Lou from RVHabit recently reviewed the KING OmniGo antenna on his website and YouTube channel. Lou is a full-time RVer who documents his travels in blog posts and videos. The KING OmniGo was easy to set up and performed very well, picking up more channels than his old directional antenna.

“Of course, this is one test in one location but it certainly outperformed my directional antenna. The 360-degree omnidirectional antenna eliminates the need for the user to painstakingly find the best direction to point the antenna. This is worth it alone. This in addition to receiving more channels and better picture quality is a win-win. I encourage anyone who still struggles with your RV directional antenna to research and try an omnidirectional solution.” – Lou

Click here to read his blog post on the KING OmniGo. Click below to watch his evaluation and installation video: