KING Tailgater Weathers the Storm

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Mike and Judy Leary are full-time RVers who experienced the robustness of KING products firsthand with their KING Tailgater Satellite Antenna.  Mike and Judy travel in a 1993 Foretravel 36 Grand Villa motorhome in the southern U.S. They were in Ajo, Arizona when they were hit by a storm.

Mike and Judy’s motorhome

“On May 11th, we had some nasty winds start blowing through our camp out of the South West. The KING Tripod and Tailgater were secured by ground nails, and though I’d put the awnings up the night before, I had not thought of the Tailgater. A monster gust blew through, maybe 60+ MPH, enough to rock the coach, even with the jacks down! I looked out the window and there was the Tailgater, upside down, free of the tripod, 10/15 feet away from its nest. I figured it was shot, my own fault! Moved it back to its location (without the tripod) and figured, ‘What the hey, let’s see how trashed it is?’ It went through its procedure, aligned itself, and IT WORKED FINE! There were no cracks or scratches on the dome; it was like something had gently lifted and moved it. I gotta say, KING makes a heck of a product!”

Thank you to Mike and Judy for sharing your experience with the KING Tailgater!

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