KING Social Media

We are proud to announce KING has reinvigorated our social media engagement on all fronts. By searching for “myKINGproduct” on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can now connect with your KING product in new and exciting ways!

Each app is different! When you like us on Facebook, you’ll find a few posts from us, and a few from the companies we find interesting. For example, magazines, blogs, and celebrities write amazing articles with tips for maintaining your RV and much more! So, like us on Facebook to add us to your news feed and you won’t miss the latest updates on what’s happening in the community.

Twitter is more fact-paced. If you follow us on Twitter, you will see Vines, GIFs, links, and shoutouts from people just like you! There are myriad tweets with hashtags like #RVing, #camping, #trucking, and #tailgating–and we follow them all! So, come just us with @myKINGproduct and show us what you’re interested in at the moment. Who knows, you might just find a new hobby while you’re at it!

  Of course, there’s always Instagram. KING posts photos of nature trails, the interiors of our favorite RVs, camping sites, and other wildlife that we happen to stumble upon when you’re out adventuring. We go to local parks and lakes to show you where the coolest spots are, so that you can go see them for yourself next season! If you’re interested, follow KING on Instagram, or simply search for your favorite activity and check to see if we have something to say about it.   So, are you ready? Let’s get social!