KING OmniGo™ A “Must-Have” According to Inside Tailgating

The KING OmniGo is a portable, omnidirectional antenna uniquely suited for picking up signals from all directions, making it the perfect addition to any tailgate. The antenna helps tailgaters watch the big game from anywhere, anytime.

Inside Tailgating is a website that embraces the tailgating lifestyle and enhances the tailgating experience. Their website focuses on original and user-generated content from tailgaters.

Inside Tailgating reviewed the KING OmniGo antenna. They would highly recommend it to any tailgater or loved one of a tailgater.

“Whether you are a tailgater or shopping for an avid tailgater, the time is right to pick up a KING OmnGO portable OTA antenna. Bowl season is here, and soon to follow are the NFL playoffs, Super Bowl, college basketball leading into March Madness, and let’s not forget hockey too.”

Christmas is just around the corner. Read the rest of their review here and see why the KING OmniGo could be the perfect gift for you or any tailgater in your life.