KING OmniGo™ Helps POW! Tailgating Watch the Big Game Like A Pro

The KING OmniGo is a portable, omnidirectional antenna uniquely suited for picking up signals from all directions, making it the perfect addition to any tailgate. The antenna helps tailgaters watch the big game from anywhere, anytime.

The folks at POW! Tailgating, a company that offers tips, reviews, and electronic rentals for tailgates, reviewed a KING OmniGo antenna. Here is a snippet of their experience with the antenna:

“Immediately, the signals were much stronger than the others we’ve used in the past. We had no trouble locking in a signal with no annoying static interruptions. When we hooked up our old antennas, not only did we have issues with signal locking, but signal strength. We had to move the antenna a bit to fine tune the clarity of nearly every channel. Annoying. So the OmniGo was a clear upgrade/success–especially since it actually picked up MORE channels than our regular antenna.”

Read the rest of their review, including details on unboxing, set up and use, here.