How to Keep Your Satellite Antenna Portable & Safe on the Road

For many, mounting your KING antenna to the roof of your RV is simple and practical. Once installation is complete, you can watch TV in minutes with very little maintenance or upkeep on the antenna.

This is the best option for many people, but there are some disadvantages. Permanently roof-mounted antennas have a greater risk of encountering trees and other obstructions on the road, not to mention exposure to the elements whether they be storms, tornadoes, hail, snow, or a combination. You also cannot move your antenna, which you might want to do if you would like to use it for other activities like tailgating, for example. You may also want to move it to a different location for better signal without moving your entire RV.

Whatever your reason may be, it might be wise to consider mounting options other than the traditional roof mounting method.

MB700 KING Quick Release Roof Mount

Quick Release Roof Mount: A Secure Mounting Option with Added Portability

The MB700 KING Quick Release Roof Mount provides a convenient way to securely mount your KING antenna to your vehicle roof, yet still allows quick and easy removal for portable use. The MB700 is permanently mounted to your roof, but you can remove your antenna at any time. In this regard, you get the best of both worlds: a roof-mounted antenna and portable antenna all in one. The mount has an integrated anti-theft security feature for peace of mind while you are deploying it.


TR1000 Tripod Mount

Tripod Mount: Height, Protection, and Portability in One

The TR1000 KING Tripod Mount allows you to elevate your satellite antenna to deliver the best line of sight to the satellite while protecting your antenna from moisture and debris on the ground level. It provides an extra wide footprint to ensure stability and is a convenient way to provide height without having to permanently mount your satellite TV antenna to the roof.


CB1000 Portable Satellite Antenna Carry Bag

Transporting Your Antenna Safely and Securely

If your antenna is not permanently mounted, it is important that you store it safely and securely when you’re on the road. The CB1000 KING Portable Satellite Antenna Carry Bag is the perfect solution, as it conveniently protects and stores your KING portable satellite antenna when not in use. This is a must-have accessory for those who want to keep their antenna in as pristine condition as possible. Constructed of weather-resistant materials with double-stitched internal storage pockets for satellite receiver, remote control, and cables, the carry bag ensures your antenna is ready to hit the road when you are.

All of the accessories listed in this post are compatible with the VQ4100 KING Quest™, VQ4200 KING Quest™ for Bell™, VQ4800 KING Quest™ Pro, VQ4400 DISH® Tailgater®, VQ4900 DISH® Tailgater® Pro, and VQ4500 KING® Tailgater® satellite antennas. Click here to view our full catalog of KING satellite antenna accessories.