Check Out Our Updated Jack Antenna Manual

KING Jack Antenna Manual

It can be tricky to try and install your own antenna, so we’ve provided the Jack antenna manual for anyone who would like to see the proper process. Want to know how easy it is to install the HDTV OTA antenna? Watch our new animated video for step-by-step instructions.

There are two types of KING Jack over-the-air antennas–both provide free TV after initial setup and installation, wherever the antenna is located. This allows the owner of the KING Jack to access local channels much in the same way that a set of those old tinfoil “bunny ears” worked in the past. The KING Jack is the ultra-modern upgraded version of that outdated technology.

Here are a few key steps from the KING Jack antenna manual:

  1.  Turn on Power Injector (power is now supplied to the KING Jack antenna).
  2.  Turn on KING SureLock Signal Meter with switch on side of rotational knob enclosure.
  3.  Rotate attenuator dial fully clockwise.
  4.  Depress button on rotational knob. Rotate antenna until maximum number of LED lights illuminate on signal meter.

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