Full Time RVer Enjoys TV Programs with KING OmniGo™

Rusty78609, a YouTuber who lives in an RV full time in Central Texas, recently reviewed the KING OmniGo antenna. Powerful and compact, the KING OmniGo is amplified for maximum strength, delivering a clear picture to your TV without having to rotate the antenna. With quick and easy setup, the omnidirectional OmniGo allows you to take your favorite channels with you wherever you go.

The OmniGo picked up channels despite Rusty’s remote location:

“As far as the picture quality for out here in the middle of nowhere where I live, I would give it an 8 or 9.”

Here is another snippet from his review:

“It’s easy to assemble, price is right. If you’re interested in watching HDTV for free, then you sure should check with KING Products and see if something like this might work for you. From Central Texas, USA, thumbs up.”

Click below to watch the first of two videos about Rusty’s experience with the antenna. Visit the KING OmniGo page to learn more.