Enjoy the People You Work with – KING, Where Everyone Matters

Enjoy the People You Work with – KING, Where Everyone Matters

Nicole Myers, Repair Administrator

This year, Nicole has been given a promotion with the added opportunity to take on the managing role for the repair sector. She has an astounding capacity for memory, and it shows in her ability to recite all of the different part names and prices for each product.

This skill helps her on a daily basis as she also works the customer service line, answering questions about the units. This is one of her favorite aspects of the job.

“I call back customers in regards to their repairs. I really enjoy talking with our customers. They always have funny and interesting stories to tell. They always let me know the best places to go see or vacation.

“Of course I talk to those customers who are upset but, they tend to make my day more than break my day because at the end the customers tell me I gave excellent service,” Nicole said.

Her enthusiasm lends strength to the rest of the department because she cares about the people she works with.

“I have a good group to work with,” she said. She’s looking forward to becoming manager of the department because she’ll still be working with the same group.

When she’s not at work, she often makes the trip to her grandparents’ house in Wisconsin and spends the weekend camping.

Dustin Bruns, Repair Technician

“I’m technically a repair/operator of the foam machines. But I try to help out where I can,” Dustin said. “If the packagers need help, I’ll go and help them. I put together orders and organize shipments. I’m also one of the few people at the company with a fork lift certification, so I do a lot of fork life driving for them.”

He started working at KING a year ago and has since been “going with the flow.” He said he goes wherever he is needed.

“You get to move around,” Dustin said. “It’s definitely not zombie work.”

Dustin leads a highly active lifestyle, so it’s only natural for him to prefer juggling different tasks over sitting in one place all day. He frequently takes hikes and goes on canoeing trips during the summer and when the weather cools down, you can find him hitting the slopes with his snowboard.

Work Flow

Both Dustin and Nicole agree they like the fact that they like working for KING. “Some of the joys of this place is that it is a smaller company,” said Dustin. “It’s easier to know everybody, so to speak. We know a little something about everybody. When you get to know everybody a little closely, it’s a very friendly environment, which is a good bonus.”

KING personnel don’t leave their coworkers behind when they clock out. Dustin said that whenever he’s asked for help outside of work, his coworkers have been right beside him, ready to offer a helping hand.

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In next week’s post we’ll show you the view of the frontlines with insights from Scott Wilken, KING’s chief technology officer, and Arielle Seorum, our front desk receptionist.