Don’t Miss the New & Improved KING Jack Install Guide

Are you looking to take FREE over-the-air digital HDTV on the road? The amplified, ultra-high gain KING Jack™ Directional antenna offers the best digital TV reception accessible for your RV. With a wide reception range and improved signal strength, the KING Jack enhances UHF signal reception while still receiving remaining VHF broadcast channels. It’s now easier than ever to get strong signal reception and watch local channels right from your RV.

Our latest installation guide shows you how to install your KING Jack antenna, whether you have the OA8400/01 or premium OA8500/01 model with mount and signal meter. The video includes instructions on roof installation and properly aiming the antenna and deploying the KING SureLock signal meter that is built into the enclosure base of the OA8500/01 model.

Refer to the below KING Jack support documents for more instructions, diagrams, FAQs, and information about product registration/warranty. Not finding what you need? Please contact our support team at 952-922-6889 with any questions.

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