“Dad Reviews” Unboxes KING OmniGo™ Antenna

Lane Fournerat, a YouTuber who uploads product review videos to his “Dad Reviews” channel, recently posted an unboxing of the KING OmniGo™ antenna. The antenna gives you access to free over-the-air programming so you never have to miss your favorite shows, local news, or live sporting events again. No more cable bills or satellite contracts. With a quick and easy setup, the omnidirectional KING OmniGo allows you to take your favorite local channels on the road.

In the unboxing, Lane shows each part included with your KING OmniGo antenna purchase, including cables, tripod, and magnetic base mount. He also demonstrates just how easy it is to assemble the tripod and use the magnetic base mount on a vehicle.

 “I really like the design of the antenna. It’s sleek. They give you everything you need. Definitely awesome stuff here.”

Click below to watch the full unboxing and review (2 separate videos):