What is an RV Wifi Booster, & How Much do they Actually Help?

7th Jul 2021

What is an RV WiFi Booster?

As anyone well-versed in the RV or camper lifestyle will tell you, one of the most common struggles is being able to use the campground WiFi. Almost every RV campsite now provides free Wi-Fi access, however actually getting connected and getting a strong enough internet connection to stream and browse the internet is a huge challenge. The signal is often weak and too far away, so being able to use it from where your RV is parked is almost impossible. With fuller RV parks in the summer, that also means more people trying to connect to the wifi, which can lead to overcrowding the signal, making it very hard to use. 

That’s where a WiFi booster or Wi Fi extender comes in. Essentially, it’s a device that makes your free campground WiFi signal usable. An RV WiFi booster takes the WiFi signals coming from your campground office, or another public source, and strengthens and extends those signals, so that you can have a better, stronger, more secure connection from wherever your camper is parked. 

KING has three different options for Wi Fi range extenders and boosters, depending on how much strength and distance you need. The first option is our basic  WiFiMax router and range extender, which can be used on its own, or bundled with one of our outside antennas that mount on the roof of your RV. The WiFiMax is plugged in inside your coach, and it works by taking WiFi signals and repeating them inside your RV using dual band technology (both 2.4 GHz AND 5 GHz), on your own secure, private, password-protected network. The WiFiMax has an easy setup - simply plug it in and set up the app, no installation required. If you don’t typically have a super long distance between your camper and the WiFi source, this WiFi repeater may be all you need. 

If you’re looking to add a little more long range distance and strength, you can add on one of our outdoor external antennas which get installed on the roof of your RV, then connect to the WiFiMax router and range extender inside your RV. The  KING Falcon is the most powerful external WiFi antenna, using automatic directional wifi strength to automatically track and locate usable WiFi signals from up to a mile away. If you’re looking for antenna a little more powerful than the WiFiMax, but still a great value at a competitive price, try our KING Swift Omnidirectional WiFi antenna which is also installed on the roof of your RV, and picks up Wi-Fi signals from every direction, up to a half mile away from where you are parked, and giving you access to the best wifi signal and internet connection possible. 

KING Falcon Directional Wi-Fi Antenna Bundle with WiFiMax

This powerful RV WiFi booster antenna actively scans for networks and connects with signals that are further away. You can control the booster with the KING WiFi app that is accessible from your phone. 

  • 10x more powerful antenna than the competition
  • High-gain, long-range, directional Wi-Fi antenna
  • Fastest speeds for streaming - the KING Falcon is dual band and extends 2.4GHz networks, your resource for the best range, while still allowing the KING WiFiMax to use its 5GHz network.
  • Easy to use - automatically scans and aims
  • Single coax connection between the KING Falcon and the KING WiFiMax 
  • Free KING Wi Fi app
  • Connect ALL your devices phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, appliances, Wi-Fi enabled speakers, and more!
  • Customizable Wi-Fi name and password for a secure connection
  • Get the best WiFi signal possible with the most powerful Wi Fi extender on the market
  • The KING KF1000 or KF10001 Falcon comes in white and black
  • This powerful Wi Fi system kit comes with a KING WiFiMax router and range extender

KING Swift Omni-Directional Wi-Fi Antenna Bundle with WiFiMax

  • Roof-mounted with spring loaded base for impact durability
  • Multi-directional signal acquisition
  • Antenna extends 2.4GHz for the best range, plus 5GHz with router for fastest speeds
  • Single coax connection between KING Swift and KING WiFiMax
  • Customizable Wi-Fi name and password for a secure connection
  • Connect all your wireless devices: phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, appliances, WiFi enabled speakers, and more.
  • This powerful Wi Fi system kit comes with a KING WiFiMax router and range extender

KING WiFiMax Router / Range Extender

The KING WiFiMax creates your own personal, private, and secure WiFi network, just like you have in your home. When you are in range of an available WiFi source, you simply configure the WiFiMax to connect to that network. Then, it extends the internet access from that Wi-Fi source to your own private network so you can connect all your devices.

  • Intuitive, one-minute easy setup process
  • 2.4 and 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi for super fast speeds
  • Customizable WiFi name and password for a secure connection
  • No installation necessary - simply plug in router and setup via a phone, laptop, or any other Wi-Fi enabled device
  • Compact design and easy setup / easy to install
  • Four antennas with beamforming technologies for fastest speeds
  • Connect all your devices: phones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, appliances, Wi-Fi enabled speakers, and more. 

Are RV WiFi Boosters Worth the Money?

Until you are RVing regularly, you may not understand why someone would spend hundreds of dollars on an RV WiFi booster. But once you’ve experienced the frustration of trying to establish a strong internet connection on campground WiFi when you really need it and having it fail you, then you know just how vital it is to have a tool that allows you to make the campground WiFi usable. 

An additional perk of a WiFi extender? It’s a one time purchase, and after that, using the internet is FREE. That means, no expensive hotspot device monthly fees. No going over your data allowance on your cell phone plan, or getting throttled back for using too much data to stream. You can connect to WiFi around you that’s completely free to the public. 

What to look for in an RV WiFi Booster?

The first thing you want to look for in an RV WiFi extender or booster is a secure, password-protected connection. In a world where you can never be too cautious about your online activity, you want to feel sure that you won’t be taken advantage of just for using a public Wi Fi source. All KING WiFi antennas give you that security by repeating the Wi Fi signals on your own private, password-protected network. This allows you to browse and stream worry-free.

The next thing you will want to look for is a dual-band connection. There are two frequencies at which Wi-Fi signals travel - 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Most campground WiFi signals are only broadcast in 2.4GHz, and this can create signal crowding. KING RV Wi Fi products take that signal and transmit it onto a dual-band network, which broadcasts it through your RV on both 2.4GHz AND 5GHz frequencies. This gives you a usable signal that won’t be overcrowded by others on the same frequency. 

You’ll also want to make sure you can connect multiple devices to your WiFi booster. You want a device that can provide coverage for multiple devices on the network at one time so that you can connect your phone, laptop, smart TV, bluetooth speakers, and more. All KING WiFi products are multi-user focused, so you can have an unlimited number of people using the network at once. 

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that whichever antennas or antenna combination you choose, that locating the signals happens automatically. Having to waste time pointing a device toward a WiFi signal every time you relocate somewhere new is a waste of time. All KING WiFi products feature an automatic design - they are able to track and locate Wi-Fi signals for you. 

What if my RV is pre-wired for KING Wi-Fi?

If you have recently purchased a new RV model, you may have noticed a sticker in your RV saying that your RV is pre-wired for KING WiFi. This means that if you choose to add a KING Wi Fi external antenna, you won’t need to drill a hole through the roof of your RV in order to connect it to the inside WiFiMax router - that has already been done for you! This makes installation much easier, and completely doable to do on your own, without having to hire someone to install it for you. 

For more information on Wi-Fi Pre-Wires, check out our page  here.

Pros of Having a WiFi Booster

Having an RV WiFi booster makes life on the road that much easier. No need to worry about how you will stay connected to friends and family while traveling. No need to stress about having to check your work email occasionally. At the end of the day, you can relax and enjoy your favorite movie or television streaming platform without worrying about having enough data left on your plan. 

No need to pay for expensive extra data from a hotspot device, or use up all your cell phone data plan. Cell phone data is expensive, and never truly unlimited even when they advertise it as such (they will throttle your speed and quality back if you use too much). RVers face issues with this all the time, because of the sheer amount of data required in order to stream or browse when out in remote areas. That’s why whenever possible, it’s preferable to use a free Wi-Fi source. Having a WiFi extender allows you to better access the internet through free public sources. 

Cons of Having a WiFi Booster

There are none! There may be times when you don’t have access to a Wi-Fi source, for instance if you are boondocking somewhere remote. However, anytime you have access to campground WiFi you will be able to make good use out of a WiFi booster.

Can I have a WiFi Booster and a Cell Booster?

Absolutely! Many seasoned RVers who spend a lot of time out on the road utilize both of these powerful tools. While we do not currently carry an “all-in-one” Wi-Fi and cellular device, we do carry three powerful options for cellular boosting products. The plus of having both is that no matter where you are, you will be able to utilize the best option for connecting to the internet. If you’re at a campsite or RV park that provides Wi-Fi, you would want to use your Wi Fi antenna to connect to that, since it’s free. If you’re camping somewhere that does not provide free public Wi-Fi, you would utilize your cellular boosting product to allow you to maintain a better connection to the internet via your cell phone data plan or hotspot device. Our cellular boosters provide coverage for 4G LTE and 3G LTE and are 5G ready!

No need to choose just ONE of these fabulous devices, you can have the best of both cellular and Wi Fi if you choose to install both.