How to Get Satellite TV in an RV

31st Jul 2021

The first thing you need if you are planning on taking your satellite TV service with you while camping or road tripping in your RVing, is a portable satellite tv antenna that is compatible with whichever service provider you are planning to use. KING carries multiple different portable antenna units that are fully automatic satellite antennas and can be mounted to the roof of your RV both temporarily (using our quick release roof mount) or permanently, or placed on a tripod for optimum flexibility (this is a great option for tailgating, RVs or outdoor viewing). 

Once you have your portable satellite dish picked out, you will also need a receiver that’s compatible with whichever mobile satellite service provider you choose. (KING sells several DISH compatible receiver packages with satellite dish purchase - for more information check here.

Best satellite TV providers for RV

There are two major satellite tv providers in the United States - DISH and DIRECTV. Both have great offerings and packages for the RVer who wants to take their favorite TV programming on the road with them while camping in their RVs. Satellite TV is a great option for RV owners because unlike cable, you can access satellite signals from wherever you take your RV, allowing you to watch all your favorite channels even away from home.


KING is proud to partner with DISH Outdoors to bring you mobile satellite service and programming paired with premium portable satellite options. Our Tailgater satellite dishes (which can be paired with complementary receivers with one of our bundles) are premium quality. Our Tailgater Pro DISH antenna even allows you to plug into multiple TVs with our dual coax connection. 

DISH Pros and Cons

DISH’s flexible, pay-as-you-go programming packages are extremely popular with RV owners and camping because there is no need to commit to an expensive contract - unlike other TV providers where by signing up you agree to a minimum number of months or years under contract. This option is great for RVs because it allows you to only pay for the months out of the year where you frequently use your RV. 

DISH Plans for RV

DISH pay-as-you-go programming is built for travelers, and flexible with your needs. For up-to-date pricing and plans from DISH, check here.


KING is proud to partner with DIRECTV hd and sd programming, perfectly paired with KING products for your life on the go - at the best rates on the market.

DIRECTV Pros and Cons

One of the best parts of DIRECTV programming is access to the NFL Sunday ticket - one of the most highly sought after TV channel listings on the market today. The NFL Sunday ticket allows you to access every live, out-of-market NFL game every Sunday - get DIRECTV service today to enjoy this exclusive content.

DIRECTV Plans for RV

For up-to-date pricing and plans from DIRECTV (including plans with NFL Sunday tickets), check here.

What satellite TV equipment do you need?

DISH satellite TV antennas for RV

If you are looking for DISH compatible equipment, check out one of our Tailgater RV satellite dishes. Both antennas are also available as a bundle package which includes a Wally receiver. All of our KING satellite tv antennas allow for tripod mounting or 

DISH Tailgater Pro Premium Satellite Antenna

  • Nationwide coverage (western and eastern satellites)
  • Faster start up and scan time than previous models
  • Field upgradable software via USB
  • Fully automatic, simple setup
  • Industrial design and ultramodern, clear cover offers sleek look and leading signal strength
  • Lightweight, compact design with integrated handle for portability
  • Exclusive DISH service - HD and SD programming
  • Sign up for Pay As You Go Monthly Service or add to your home DISH service
  • Dual coax output (for optimum roof-mount installation) for up to two receivers
  • Weather-resistant materials withstand extreme heat and cold

DISH Tailgater Satellite Antenna

  • Nationwide coverage (western and eastern satellites)
  • Faster start up and scan time than previous models
  • Field upgradable software via USB
  • Fully automatic, simple setup
  • Lightweight and compact (only 8 lbs)
  • Portable or roof-mount ready, works while RV is stationary (not yet for in motion use)
  • Integrated handle for easy portability
  • Weather-resistant materials withstand extreme heat and cold
  • Exclusive DISH HD and SD programming
  • Automatic satellite acquisition and switching
  • Powered through receiver (no separate remote or power source needed

DIRECTV satellite TV antennas

If you are looking for a DIRECTV satellite antenna, look no further than the KING One Pro, which literally works for any satellite tv provider, making it the most versatile satellite antenna on the market today.

KING One Pro Premium Satellite Antenna

  • Premium satellite TV antenna for all TV providers: DIRECTV, DISH, or Bell (Canada)
  • Automatically configures for US satellite service - no DIP switches
  • Patented self-leveling design
  • Ultramodern, clear cover - always know where your antenna is pointing
  • Supports multiple TV viewing - features dual outputs for up to two receivers
  • Lightweight, compact design with integrated handle
  • Metal chassis is stronger and more durable than plastic
  • Weather-resistant materials withstand extreme heat/cold
  • Antenna powered over coax cable
  • Includes 50 feet of coax cable with connectors pre-installed and a power insterter

Other TV options for RV

If satellite TV isn’t the solution for you, there are many other ways to watch TV in your RV. 

Local TV antennas

If you like to watch the local channels while traveling, over-the-air (OTA) TV antennas are a great option. An OTA antenna is installed on the roof of your RV (many newer RVs already come with one of these pre-installed), and allows you to pick up local TV channels wherever you are. For great OTA HDTV antenna solutions, check here.


Streaming TV and movies via the internet is an increasingly popular way to access your favorite content while on the road. With a secure internet connection - either by connecting to campground wifi or using a cellular data plan - you can access all your favorite streaming platforms from anywhere, no need to purchase a separate plan for an additional price. 

Getting a strong enough internet connection while camping or on a road trip to a remote area, however, can prove to be very difficult. For wi-fi extending solutions, check here and for cellular boosting solutions, check here.

Final verdict

Choosing the right satellite TV service for you simply depends on the type of programming and channels you are looking to watch, what price point you are looking for, and what type of package you are ready to commit to.