How to work from your #RVOffice

How to work from your #RVOffice

21st Jul 2020

How to work from your RV Office

Many full-time RVers are already well-versed in the joys and pains of working from on the road. Now, with more and more companies allowing their employees to work remote, RVers have newfound flexibility and no longer have to limit their travel to holidays, vacations, and weekends. We've created this guide as a way to give you some easy ideas to optimize internet connectivity for your #RVOffice.

Go Digital 

The key to simplified WFRV (working from your RV) is making sure everything is online or in digital form. Because RV's have limited space, you won't have room for bulky file cabinets or large piles of paper. Tapping into the power of the internet is key here. The good news is, almost everything can be switched over to digital via the internet - you can even go digital on your TV programming!

Create a Strong, Secure Internet Connection.

Now that you've gone digital, you will need to make sure that all your devices can tap into a strong, secure, speedy internet connection. While hot spots from your phone's data plan can be a great way to acheive internet in a pinch, they can get very spendy overtime and don't always give you the best connection. The best way to keep costs down is to connect to the free Wi-Fi provided by campgrounds and other public sources. Most campgrounds offer free Wi-Fi to campers - the only trouble is your RV will often be parked too far away to reach the signal, and at overcrowded RV parks there are too many people trying to access it.

Here's where Wi-Fi extenders come in. These products are designed to pick up the Wi-Fi signal coming from your campsite, then rebroadcast the signal in your RV on a secure, personal network, so that all your devices can tap into the internet. If you want an extender that can take you up to a mile away from your Wi-Fi source and still provide a great connection, check out the KING Falcon. For another great option at a lower price point that still gets you 3x the signal range, check out the KING Swift. And, for the value hunters, try the KING WiFiMax router/range extender.

Boost your phone's signal strength.

When working from your RV, you will want to make sure you have optimum bars/signal strength on your phone. You want to make sure you don't drop any important calls or miss important incoming messages. You also want to make sure you can access your phone's data hotspot as a backup to Wi-Fi. 

Because gaining optimal signal strength can be hard to achieve, particularly when you are out in the middle of nowhere, miles from the nearest cell tower, or inside a metal signal-blocking RV, you may want to try a cell signal booster. This works by taking weak cell tower signals and rebroadcasting them inside the RV up to 32x stronger.