Guide to Boosting Cell Signal with an Antenna

24th Apr 2023

Reasons Why Your Cell Signal Is Low

Have you noticed when traveling to remote areas that you lose cell phone reception? Do you struggle with dropped calls, weak signals, slow data speeds, and poor internet connection when traveling to areas with weak cellular reception coverage? This is a very common complaint among camping enthusiasts, RVers, and outdoor adventurers alike.

The most common cause of weak cellular signals is that you are located too far away from the nearest cell tower, and the cell phone signal can’t reach you. Another common cause is that the cellular signal is being blocked by trees, hills, mountains, or other structures.

Fortunately, there are ways to work around these challenges and achieve optimal signal strength. One such way is through a cell phone signal booster, which allows you to turn weak signal strength that results in just one or two bars of connectivity into full bars strength.

How You Can Boost Your Cell Signal

If you frequently travel to areas with weak signal strength, then cell phone signal boosters might be the best option for you! Cell phone boosters work by

Cell phone signal boosters are made up of three components:

  • An omnidirectional outdoor antenna or external antenna that pulls in even the weakest cellular signal
  • An amplifier that boosts the cellular signal and connects the indoor and outdoor antennas
  • An inside antenna that distributes the signal to cellular devices and other devices requiring internet

In summation, cell phone signal boosters work by picking up cell signals with the external antenna or outdoor antenna, transmitting those signals through external antenna ports to a cellular signal booster amplification unit, then broadcasting them to your devices through an internal antenna. The signals your cell phone or mobile hotspot device picks up will be much stronger than before, allowing you to easily access the internet, stream content, and make phone calls with crystal clear cell phone reception.

Cell phone signal boosters are agnostic, meaning that they will pick up signals from any cell tower regardless of carrier. This means you do not need carrier-specific cell phone boosters, and even if you switch carriers, your cellular signal booster will always work for you.

Benefits of Boosting with an Antenna

Using cell phone signal boosters like an antenna to boost cell signal/reception will greatly increase your ability to access a usable internet connection when traveling to more remote areas.

RVers and frequent travelers of the road know that when you’re out in the middle of rural America, cell phone towers can often be few and far between. The good news is that if you have access to a cell phone signal at all, even if it’s a very weak one, a signal booster will be able to help you make it usable.

The benefits of using one of our KING cell phone signal boosters are:

  • Clearer reception and fewer dropped calls
  • Ability to stream your favorite movies, music and other favorite content
  • Connect multiple cell phones and mobile or electronic devices simultaneously
  • Freedom to work from anywhere
  • Have peace of mind that in an emergency, you are never more than a phone call away from help

Factors to Consider when Buying Your Antenna

Pros and Cons of Cell Boosting Antenna

Using an antenna to boost cell signal is a game changer for frequent campers who rely on internet for work, school, and staying connected. Even if you are one who likes to disconnect while on the road, a strong cell phone connection can be vital in cases of emergency. Having a cell signal booster with you while traveling can ensure that you can stay connected when you need to.

Portable cell phone boosters require no installation or time-consuming set up, typically all you need to do is plug them in, set up the outside antenna so that it is as high as you can get it (either on a tripod, mounted to a pole or ladder, the roof of your car, etc.) and the amplifier immediately will start to boost signals.

The only cons of cell signal boosters is that if you are too far away from the nearest cell tower to pick up any cell signal at all (even a little), then a cell signal booster won’t work. Unfortunately it cannot create a cell signal out of thin air when there isn’t one available.

Other Factors to Consider

Another factor to consider is whether or not you will want your booster to be portable or permanently mounted. For instance, some people who mainly travel in a Class A motorhome may want to permanently mount their external antenna to the roof and not have to worry about it, since they will only be wanting to use their booster inside their coach. For others, for instance those who enjoy camping or those who travel in a truck with a trailer attached, a more portable option may suit their needs better. Portable antenna kits would allow them to move their booster unit around

Whether you are looking for a permanently mounted option or a portable setup, KING has got you covered!  Click here to view our cell phone signal boosters or keep reading for more information.

Which Antenna Is Right for You?

Depending on where you are looking to boost your cell phone signal, KING has various options available. Keep reading to explore different product types.

If you are primarily looking to boost your cell phone signal in one place, such as an RV, the  KING Extend Pro is a great option for you. The KING Extend Pro is a great option for frequent RVers who want their cell booster to remain stationary and mounted in their RV. Although it doesn’t necessarily need to be permanently mounted - the external antenna can easily be attached to a ladder or mirror! The KING Extend Pro boosts and extends your cell phone signal, providing greater coverage and speeds for all your mobile and data applications. Its indoor and outdoor antennas are designed specifically for RVs, trucks, travel trailers, ice houses, and horse trailers. Supports multiple users and all cell phone/hotspot devices and carriers. This powerful amplifier kit comes with roof and ladder mounting brackets, and can be used while parked and in-motion. Boosts 5G and 4G LTE / 3G LTE signals for voice and data.

If you are looking for a more portable solution that would allow you to use your booster in multiple locations, the  KING Extend Go might be a better option for you. The KING Extend Go Portable Cell Signal Booster is a great option for campers, RVers, and outdoor adventurers alike. This is the most versatile portable cell phone booster available on the market today, and it comes with multiple antenna sets - one for car use and one for RV/portable use. It also comes with a foldable tripod which allows you to get the external omnidirectional antenna up higher while camping in order to see over things like trees and buildings that could potentially block a signal from coming through. The kit also contains various mounting options that don’t require permanent installation, making this a very convenient option for frequent travelers. The portable antenna kits allow you to conveniently move the booster back and forth between a truck or car and your trailer, without having to do any additional setup. This is one of the best cell phone boosters on the market for folks looking for a completely portable design and the ability to take their booster anywhere.

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Can an antenna boost cell phone signal?

Yes! Cell phone signal boosters work by picking up signals from the nearest cell tower through an external omnidirectional antenna, transmitting those signals through an amplifier unit, then broadcasting them out to your devices through an internal antenna.

The best cell phone signal boosters can pick up even the weakest of cell phone signals in rural area and turn them into a strong, usable internet connection.

Is there a device that can boost cell signal?

Yes! Check out KING’s lineup of cell phone signal boosters here for more information on products that can boost your cell signal. This includes both portable and stationary options.

Can I boost cell signal at home?

Yes! KING has options that will work at home and on-the-go. Check out our lineup of cell phone signal boosters  here to see if we have an option that is right for your needs!

What is the best cellular antenna?

The best cell phone signal boosters will depend on what your specific needs are. Signal boosters can range in their capabilities. For more information on which option is right for you, check out our lineup of cell phone signal boosters  here