Connectivity: Wi-Fi vs. LTE

Connectivity: Wi-Fi vs. LTE

9th Apr 2020

Connectivity: Wi-Fi vs. LTE

RV'ers have two options for connecting to the internet - Wi-Fi and 5G/4G LTE from a cellular plan. These two options are little understood by consumers, and often mistaken for each other. However, when understood, both can be complementary methods for connectivity in a variety of different situations!


  • A Local Area Network (LAN) that provides internet access within a limited range - these wireless signals can be broadcast from routers or access points in your home, campground, hotel, favorite shopping center, coffee shop, and more.
  • When connected to a public Wi-Fi source, this is typically a free service. Private Wi-Fi  access typically requires a subscription with a set usage cost. 
  • Wi-Fi Problems: RV'ers are often parked too far from their campground's Wi-Fi source or the campground transmitters are too weak to get a strong connection - leading to slow, unreliable internet access. Connection to a Wi-Fi source is only available within a limited range
  • Solutions: KING's suite of Wi-Fi products are just what your customers need to ensure optimum connection while using a Wi-Fi source. Our WiFiMax Router/Range Extender can be used by itself or bundled with one of our outside antennas (KING Falcon or Swift) to pick up Wi-Fi signals from even farther away. 

5G/4G LTE:

  • A Wide Area Network (WAN) that connects to the internet through cellular data service - these wireless signals are broadcast from cell phone towers, and are directly consumed by cell phones, tablets, or mobile hot spots provided by cellular carriers.
  • Service is provided by cellular carriers such as AT&T and Verizon, which requires using data through a phone plan. Phone plans typically offer a limited amount of data per usage period, and charge you for any data overages. 
  • 5G/4G LTE Problems: With cellular/LTE connectivity, it's often hard for customers to achieve full cell phone signal strength (or bars) in remote areas that aren't close to a cell phone tower. Additionally, when using your phone as a "hot spot" while on-the-road, data consumption can get very expensive.
  • Solutions: The KING Extend LTE/Cell Signal Booster allows you to go even further off-the-grid when traveling and still take your cell service with you! This premium signal booster works with every cellular service provider simultaneously, and does not require any additional plan. 

While distance and weak signals may be an ongoing problem for connectivity, KING is committed to bridging the gap. Our mission is to provide consumers with premium a-la-carte options to stay connected while enjoying the mobile lifestyle.  

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