Benefits of an RV Cellular Signal Booster and the Best One for You

Benefits of an RV Cellular Signal Booster and the Best One for You

9th Jun 2021

Benefits of an RV Cellular Signal Booster

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from RVers is that they can’t seem to get a decent cell signal when they’re out in the middle of nowhere. While some may look at this as a minor annoyance, for others it can pose a serious safety risk! With a strong cell phone signal you can call for help when you need it, stay connected with loved ones while traveling, and use the internet to stream your favorite shows and movies. You can gain a powerful signal and reliable coverage for all your devices anywhere you go with the help of an RV cellular signal booster. 

KING Extend Go Multi-Use Portable Cell Signal Booster

What is an RV Cellular Booster?

An RV cell phone signal booster is a device specifically designed for RV and mobile use, that takes weak signals coming from the nearest cell tower and boosts them to deliver you a stronger signal for all your devices. Cell phone signal boosters are great for remote areas where bars are low and you tend to have dropped calls and slower data or streaming. Additionally, RVs that are made of aluminum or other metals can block cell signals coming in, so a cell signal booster allows the signal to get through to the inside of the RV.

How does an RV Cell Phone Booster Work? 

An RV cell phone booster has three main components - an outside antenna, an amplifier unit, and an indoor antenna. The outside antenna is either installed on the roof of your RV or travel trailer or is mounted to the ladder. This outside antenna picks up cell phone signals that come in, and carries them through a cable to the inside of the RV, where it is connected to the amplifier unit. The amplifier unit boosts the signal, then carries the boosted signal through a cable to the internal antenna, where the signal is then broadcast throughout the RV. Cellular devices will automatically connect to the newly boosted signal - no need to configure any devices!

An RV cellular booster will improve your nationwide voice and data coverage. RV cell boosters are 5G ready, and provide gain for 4G LTE, and 3G signals. KING cell phone boosters work both while in-motion and while parked, and they work for multiple users on multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you are stationary in an RV camping site or on the move traveling to your next destination, KING RV cell phone amplifiers will boost any weak signals it detects in your area and increase them to give you a strong, reliable connection while your RV is parked and in-motion. KING RV signal boosters do not come with any monthly plans, so they are free of any fees or subscriptions. Enjoy fewer dropped calls, reliable cell signal coverage, and all around better cell service, and eliminate weak signals with one of our RV cell phone boosters.

RV Cell phone Booster Components

The main components of an RV cell signal booster are the external antenna, the amplifier unit, the internal antenna, and the cables and power supply necessary to connect all the components together. Some RV cell boosters come with a lot more bells and whistles, allowing for more customizable mounting options and more flexibility. Our KING Extend Go portable cell phone booster, for instance, comes with an additional set of antennas for your car, as well as a foldable tripod to eliminate the need to permanently mount your antennas. It is one of the only completely portable RV cell phone signal boosters on the market today.

Benefits of an RV Cellular Signal Booster

Anyone who frequently travels to remote or off-the-grid areas can benefit from an RV cellular signal booster. An RV cell signal booster will come in handy by ensuring that you always have reliable cell phone coverage no matter where the road takes you. 

Improves Call Reliability

Say goodbye to dropped calls with a cell phone signal booster. When your cell phone signal is strong, your reception will be crystal clear, and you’ll never miss another important call. Whether you have Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, or any other US carrier, all of our RV cell phone boosters will work with your cell phones plan anywhere you go.

Extends Battery Life

When your phone doesn’t have to search as hard for a signal, it uses far less battery power! Using a cell signal booster can drastically increase your device’s battery life, so you won’t have to constantly recharge it. 

Faster Data & Internet Speeds

When your cell phone signal is strong, everything works better and faster. Pages and downloads will load faster and you won’t have to deal with constant loading when trying to stream movies. Signal boosters allow you to easily pick up and boost signals from the closest cell towers, giving you the freedom to access the internet anytime you need it.

How to pick the right RV Cell Signal Booster for your needs

Choosing the best RV cell boosting product for your needs depends on a number of different lifestyle factors. Our two main cellular boosters both include the same premium amplifier unit, so you won’t sacrifice strength no matter which option you choose to go with!

For adventurous people who move around a lot, or have multiple different places they need stronger signal strength (such as a travel trailer and tow vehicle) we recommend our KING Extend Go Multi-Use Portable Cell Signal Booster. This flexible kit comes with two sets of antennas (one designed for car or truck, one designed for an RV or other location), and doesn’t require permanent installation! It comes with a foldable tripod for the outside antenna, so no need to permanently mount on top of your RV, you can set it up anywhere. It also comes with multiple other mounting options, two different power supply cable options, and a convenient carry bag. 

For those who just want a cellular booster to permanently mount to their RV roof or ladder, the KING Extend Go Premium RV Cell Booster is another great option! While it doesn’t come with all the extra antenna sets that you get with the KING Extend Go, it has the same great booster unit and all the mounting equipment you need. 

How confident are you in installing the cell signal booster?

Another factor it comes down to when choosing a KING cellular booster product is how confident you are in permanently mounting, installing and wiring your cellular booster. If the thought of drilling a hole in the roof of your RV makes you want to run for the hills, then we highly suggest looking into our KING Extend Go. Easy to install, the KING Extend Go has multiple non-permanent mounting and set-up solutions that don’t require you to drill any holes. If, however, you feel confident in your ability to install a cell booster yourself or hire an experienced technician to do it for you, then the KING Extend Pro is a good option. And remember, you can always choose to permanently mount one of the antenna sets in the KING Extend Go!

Final Thoughts

Bottom line, whether you are a weekend camper or a full-time RV fanatic, cell phone boosters can help you achieve optimal connectivity no matter where your adventures take you. Even if you do like to disconnect when you get away, most people still have some need for internet and phone service. Whether you need internet and phone service to check emails, make phone calls, stream movies, television, and music, or you just like to have access to reception in case of an emergency - a cell phone signal booster can make sure you have the best signal strength even in remote, off-the-grid areas.