Big Truck Big RV Enjoys Free HDTV with KING OmniGo™

The KING OmniGo is a portable omnidirectional antenna uniquely suited for picking up signals from all directions, without having to move or adjust the device. Powerful and compact, it’s designed for mobility and comes with everything you need for quick setup at any location.

Big Truck Big RV, a YouTuber who has been publishing videos on trucks and RVs for more than five years, recently reviewed the KING OmniGo on his channel. He takes a technical approach and walks you through every step of the setup process with thorough explanations. Here are a few things he had to say about the OmniGo:

“I’m really impressed with this set up. So far, it’s working really, really good. We’re picking up 12 digital channels, and they’re coming in really clear. I’m thrilled to death with it so far… This KING setup is performing flawlessly… I would highly recommend this.”

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