Frequently Asked Questions


Where is KING located?

Our main offices and manufacturing headquarters are located at 11200 Hampshire Avenue South, Bloomington, MN 55438. We also operate a warehouse out of Elkhart, Indiana.

What are your normal operating hours?

Our offices are open Monday through Friday, 8am to 4:30pm CST. Our customer service team is available by phone Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm CST. For in-person product support, our service team is available via appointment or drop-off only.

Is KING hiring?

We are always looking for talented employees to add to our team! Please refer to our Employment page for more information on what roles are currently available, located here.

When was KING founded?

KING was founded in 1985 by Lael King, originally as a maker of electronic vehicle systems. Although the products we make have changed and evolved over time, our approach has always stayed true: "We continually endeavor to make products which are simpler to install and operate, are of the best quality and are more enjoyable to use."

For almost two decades, KING has been a leader, innovator, and pioneer in designing and manufacturing Wi-Fi, Satellite, and Over-the-Air antenna systems. From the earliest days of the company to the present, we at KING have always taken great pride in creating products that assist our customers in connecting with the internet and TV programming they enjoy, everywhere they go.

Does KING have other campuses?

KING maintains a warehouse in Elkhart, Indiana in addition to our main location in Bloomington, Minnesota.

How do I contact KING?

Contact us at (952)922-6889, or email us at Our service techs are also available to chat online via the Chat function on our website (pop-up is available only when cookies have been accepted and enabled).


Do I need Satellite TV?

If you are looking for a way to take your DISH, DIRECTV, or BELL TV programming with you on the road, then a satellite TV antenna is for you. Our satellite antennas offer a convenient option for traveling, RVing, tailgating, outdoor use, and more.

Our portable satellite antenna options include the Tailgater (DISH), Tailgater Pro (DISH), and KING One Pro (DIRECTV or DISH) antennas.

Our stationary automatic satellite option is the KING Phoenix, which can be purchased for either DISH or DIRECTV usage.

For more information on satellite antennas, click here.

What options do I have for satellite service providers?

We have various satellite TV antenna options available that are compatible with DISH (HD and SD), DIRECTV (SD only, our antennas do not receive HD programming), and BELL Canada (HD and SD).

For more information, visit our satellite page here.

Can I install a satellite antenna myself?

Yes, depending on the satellite! Our Tailgater and KING One Pro line satellites can easily be installed on the roof of your RV, or can be used portably on a tripod. We also have quick-release mounting options, so there is no need to permanently mount your antenna to the roof.

Our KING Phoenix stationary automatic antenna is much larger and might be hard to install by yourself. We recommend contacting your local dealer to discuss installation options.

Which satellite antenna do i need?

For DISH Network users, our Tailgater and Tailgater Pro antennas will offer the best experience. For DIRECTV, our KING One Pro or KING Quest antennas are compatible (KING One Pro antennas can be used with all satellite providers). For Bell Canada users, the KING Quest + UC1000 or the KING One Pro antenna will work.

Our KING Phoenix stationary automatic antenna can be purchased for use with either DISH or DIRECTV service.

For more information on satellite antennas and providers, visit our satellite page here. 

Will my satellite antenna work anywhere?

Our satellite antennas work nearly everywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

Will my satellite antenna work when it's raining?

You may experience some signal loss during moderate to severe weather.

Does my satellite antenna have to go on the roof?

Our Tailgater and KING One Pro satellite antennas are light-weight and portable. This means you have the option of installing it on your roof, or you can simply set it on the ground, a tripod, or a table. We do recommend our tripod for best results if foregoing the mount.

Our KING Phoenix stationary automatic satellite antenna is not portable and must be installed on the roof, just like a home antenna.

How much does a satellite antenna weigh?

Our portable satellite antennas are roughly 8lbs, making them extremely light-weight and portable! Our stationary automatic antenna (KING Phoenix) weights about 42lbs.

Can i run the satellite through my outside RV cable port?

Yes! For best results we recommend using a 25 to 35 foot coax when using the outside port on your RV.

Will my satellite antenna still work in a highly wooded area?

It will be very difficult to receive signal in a highly wooded area as trees obstruct the satellite antennas abillity to receiver signal. Try to get to an area where your antenna can have a clear line of sight to the sky.

Do I need a receiver for my satellite antenna?

Yes, no matter which provider you have you will need a receiver.

How do I determine which receiver to get?

You can find a list of our compatible receivers at

Is there an app that will help me locate the satellites?

Yes! KING recommends using Satfinder Lite, which is available for both iOS and Android users.

Over-the-Air TV

Do I need a TV antenna?

Remember the days of free television? That still exists! And there ar emore free channels now than ever before. Over-the-air (OTA) broadcasts are widely available across the country, especially if you have a quality high-gain OTA antenna. The better the antenna, the better shot you have at picking up a signal. So we say yes! You should get a good quality TV antenna to capture free, local and live television. To browse our OTA antenna offerings, visit here:

What channels will I get with my over-the-air TV antenna?

How many channels you pick up depends on your location. If you are near a metro area, you can expect to receive the major networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, and their affiliates. In some areas, it is common to receive 30-40 different channels. However, if you are too far from the TV towers, you may not get every station. We recommend using one of the many free apps that pinpoint TV tower locations which will help you determine if you will get stations and which way to point your antenna (if it's a directional antenna that requires pointing) for maximum gain.

Can I install a KING over-the-air TV antenna myself?

Our TV antennas are fairly simple to install. The biggest issue is getting the coax cable from the antenna to the TV, but most RV manufacturers run this cable during production which means swapping out our antenna should be easy. However, if you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, we would recommend contacting your local RV dealership.

Which over-the-air TV antenna do I need?

This depends on where you live and where you plan to travel to. We have several omnidirectional antennas that receive signal in a 36o degree radius. These perform very well near metropolitan and suburban areas. If you live in or plan on traveling to remote areas (such as boondocking or national parks), we would suggest our directional antennas that aim directly at the TV tower and extend your reach significantly. It's not uncommon to reach TV towers that are 80-100 miles away (depending on terrain and other factors) with our directional antennas.

Will an over-the-air TV antenna work anywhere?

This depends entirely upon your location. Local TV stations position their towers to reach the greatest amount of people possible. There are apps that help pinpoint tower location which will help determine where over-the-air TV is available.

Will an over-the-air TV antenna work when it's raining?

Yes, however you may notice pixilation or signal loss during moderate to severe weather.

Do over-the-air TV antennas have to be installed on the roof?

For best line of sight, we recommend our antennas get installed on the roof or in the highest location possible.

Does KING make TV antennas for home use?

Yes! To check out our lineup of home antennas, visit

Is there an app that can help me locate the TV towers?

Yes, there are apps available for both Android and iOS users that can help you locate TV towers.

What is Next Gen TV and do KING antennas work with it?

Next Gen TV (Advanced Television Systems Commision) is the next generation of over-the-air broadcasting. It is built on the backbone of existing OTA technologies and will offer higher resolution and better audio. It is being rolled out now across select markets and is currently in over 50 cities.

KING TV antennas are already equipped to take advantage of this new technology.

Where can I buy an over-the-air TV antenna?

You can find KING over-the-air TV antennas at most RV dealerships and on our website at


What is Wi-fi?

Wi-Fi is a network signal that transmits internet, usually from an ISP (Internet Service Provider), and broadcasts the signal through a router to provide wireless connectivity to Wi-Fi enabled devices such as your phone, tablet, laptop, smart tv, and other devices. It is a two-way communication network that receives and transmits through the same network.

Do I need wi-fi if I already have a data plan with my cell provider?

One thing to keep in mind is that cellular data plans have limitations on data and speed. Even plans that are "unlimited" will throttle down speed once you hit a certain point. For example, if you have a 10GB per month data plan, you will consume that by watching 3-4 hours of streaming HD video content. At that point, depending on your plan, your data will either be slowed down, turned off until the next month, or you may discover high overage fees in your next bill. If you are in an area that offers free Wi-Fi (campgrounds, restaurants, coffee shops, travel stops, retail centers, etc.) you should use their free service in order to conserve the data you are paying for with your cell provider.

Do I need a wi-fi booster if the campground already has wi-fi?

Public and free wi-fi typically can't keep up with the amount of users on the network. Think of it as a highway - the more vehicles on the road, the slower traffic goes. In addition, if you are too far away from the wi-fi source, you will have a hard time getting and staying connected. KING Wi-Fi boosters provide three important benefits:

1. Extend reach - KING Wi-Fi antennas extend the reach of the Wi-Fi signals to your location through our high-gain antenna.

2. Boost performance - KING Wi-Fi antennas will take slow, weak signals and rebroadcast them in broadband 5.8GHz bandwidth, just like you have at home.

3. Create your own network - Once connected, you will create your own password-protected VPN network, which will keep your bandwidth high.

What is VPN?

VPN is short for Virtual Private Network. It protects the information being transmitted by encrypting the data. Many companies require this for their remote employees to help protect sensitive, proprietary information. It is wise to use this when on public networks to help protect your personal information. KING Wi-Fi boosters have a VPN built into the software, protecting your online experience and saving you $10-20 per month in added expenses from purchasing a separate VPN.

How many devices can connect to KING Wi-Fi boosters?

There is no limit on devices, but you may notice a slow down if more than 5 or 6 devices are all connected and consuming large amounts of data simultaneously (ie. streaming, gaming, etc.).

Is there a monthly fee?

No. KING Wi-Fi products use existing Wi-Fi signals that are already being transmitted for free. No additional fees!

Will KING wi-fi antennas work anywhere I go?

KING antennas will work wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal nearby. The signal will need to be an open network or they will have to provide you with a password so you can log in. Most campgrounds, hotels, travel stops, retailers, and other public places have Wi-Fi available.

I am planning on traveling to places that don't have wi-fi available (such as boondocking, dispersed camping, etc.) What products would serve me best?

We recommend KING Cellular Boosters for travel in remote areas where there is no Wi-Fi source available, in order to access the internet. Check out our lineup at

Can I install my KING wi-fi antenna myself?

Yes! The KING WiFiMax Pro is plug-and-play, no installation required. Simply plug it into a standard wall outlet and finish the set-up through your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

The KING Swift and Falcon include roof antennas that may require a little more effort to install. The cable from the roof antenna needs to plug into the router through the roof of the RV. Thousands of newer RVs have already been pre-wired for the manufacturer to make this task much easier. For a list of our pre-wired units, visit

Don't feel comfortable installing yourself? Contact your local dealer for help!

Do KING wi-fi antennas have to be installed on the roof?

The KING WiFiMax Pro is an interior booster that plugs into a standard 110V wall outlet. The KING Swift and KING Falcon do have rooftop antennas - for maximum reach and performance, we strongly recommend installing the antennas on the roof or ladder of your RV.

Which wi-fi product is best for me?

We have three premium Wi-Fi boosting options. For best performance, especially for travelers who work from the road, we recommend the KING Falcon. For travelers who require less reach, the KING Swift antenna may be just fine. And for travelers who prefer not to mount and want a simple solution, the KING WiFiMax Pro will help them out. For more information on our Wi-Fi lineup, visit

Where can I buy a KING Wi-Fi booster?

KING Wi-Fi products are available for purchase at many local RV dealerships, as well as on our website.


What's the difference between LTE and wi-fi?

Wi-Fi is a wireless signal broadcast from routers or access points in your home, campground, hotel, coffee shop, or shopping center. LTE is wireless signals broadcast from cell phone towers that are directly consumed by cell phones, tablets, or mobile hotspot devices provided by cellular carriers.

Do I need LTE if I have access to Wi-Fi?

  • Most of the time, if you have access to a good quality Wi-Fi, there is no need to have strong cell service because you can use Wi-Fi to operate pretty much every function on your smart phone (including voice calls). Unfortunately, strong and reliable wi-fi signals are hard to come by when you are out on the road, which is where our wi-fi boosting antennas come into play. For more information on what a Wi-Fi booster can do for you, check out this blog post: 
  • To view our Wi-Fi antenna lineup, click here: 

Will a cell signal booster work with the service plan I'm already paying for?

Yes! Our KING cell phone signal boosters work with all cellular carriers and plans, with no additional monthly fees. To view our lineup of KING cell phone signal boosters, click here:

Do KING cell phone boosters have a monthly fee?

No. Our KING cell phone signal boosters do not have any monthly fees, they are a simple one-time purchase. Our cell phone signal boosters will work with your current plan, for all cell carriers/providers.

Which providers do KING cell phone signal boosters work with?

KING cell phone signal boosters work with ALL U.S. cellular carriers and plans! 

Will a cell phone booster work anywhere I go?

KING cell phone signal boosters will work anywhere where there is a cell phone signal, even if it is just one bar of service. A cell phone booster works by picking up those weak signals and boosting them. Unfortunately, in super remote areas where there really isn’t any service at all, the booster won’t be able to pick up signals that aren’t there.  

Can I install a cell phone booster myself?

Yes! We provide detailed and easy to follow instructions on how to install your booster In our cell phone booster manuals. Simply follow the installation instructions in the manual and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Do cell phone boosters have to be installed on the roof of an RV?

No! We have a number of different mounting options for our cell phone boosters. The KING Extend Go, our truly portable booster option, does not need to be installed at all. It can be set up on a tripod while at camp, or you can use one of the temporary or permanent mounting options included for installing antennas on your car, trailer, van, RV, or other shelter.

The KING Extend Pro also comes with a variety of mounting options for RVs or trailers, including mirror, ladder, or roof mounting.  

Which cell phone booster is best for me?

If you have multiple vehicles or areas where you would like to boost your signal and want a flexible option, then the KING Extend Go is by far the best option for you. It is portable, comes with multiple mounting options, and two antenna sets – one for your car/truck and one for your RV/trailer/coach.

If you are simply looking to boost the cell signal in your coach or in a specific area, and don’t also need to boost your signal in a separate car or truck, then the KING Extend Pro will work great.  

Where can I purchase a KING Cell Phone Booster?

KING cell phone signals are available for purchase on our website. Click here to see all of our cell phone booster options (  

Can’t find what you’re looking for or have additional questions? Please give us a call at 952-922-6889, chat with us on our website, or email us at


Parts & Service

How do I contact the KING service team?

You can contact King by phone at 952-922-6889, by e-mail at, or by chatting with us on our website during normal business hours. Our business hours are Weekdays 8am to 6pm CST and Weekends 8am to 4pm CST.

Can I buy replacement parts?

You can! Please visit our replacement parts page at 

Do you sell factory refurbished items?

Yes we do and you can check them out here:  

What is the warranty on refurbished items?

All refurbished items come with a 90 day guarantee.  

What is the warranty on new items?

KING warranty is industry leading with a 2 year parts and 2 year labor warranty on most items.

Are there "how to" videos available?

We are currently creating “how to” videos! Please check back regularly for updates.