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The Outdoor Lover’s Guide to the 2017 Minnesota State Fair

The Minnesota State Fair is the second largest state fair in the US and one of the most exciting annual events in Minnesota. For you attendees who also love all things outdoors, we’ve put together this handy list of outdoor recreation-themed activities you won’t want to miss at this year’s fair: Adventure Park You can… Read more »


At KING, we strive to be compassionate, understanding, and thorough in our methods to find the quickest and best solution for all of your product-related questions. Customer Service We encourage you to explore the Support section of our site to find information about product warranties, step-by-step setup instructions and other frequently asked questions. If you can’t ...

How to use the KING SureLock Signal Meter

How to use the KING SureLock™ Signal Meter When you’re trying to relax, you don’t want to waste time waiting for the channel scan on your TV.  Before you hit that scan button, use the KING SureLock signal meter to make sure your antenna is aimed in the best direction for TV signal. Keep in… Read more »

KING is going to Tree Town country music festival in May

KING is going to Tree Town country music festival in May Spring can’t come soon enough for KING. While we’re waiting for the next snow storm to sweep over the state, we’re making plans to attend the Tree Town Music Festival in May. Forest City, Iowa is home to Winnebago’s largest factory in America. Right across… Read more »

How to Keep Warm When You’re Winter Camping


<< Back to Blog How to Keep Warm When You’re Winter Camping Not quite ready to put away your camping gear for the season? Don’t let the cold weather deter you, get out there and enjoy winter from the frontlines. When you wake up in the mountains, peer out of your tent and see the… Read more »

Minnesota natives bring their insider skills to the workplace


Minnesota Natives Bring Their Insider Skills to the Workplace Shawn Primrose, Customer Service & Repair Technician Part customer service representative, part repair technician, Shawn Primrose is 100 percent helpful when it comes to assisting customers with their products. “Sometimes you have to maintain the positive vibe and make sure they understand we’re here for them… Read more »

Engineers use 3D tech to Make Latest Products

3d tech

Engineers Use 3D Tech to Make Latest Products At KING, personnel use the latest innovations in technology, including top-of-the-line software and hardware. Though they focus more on the hands-on side of engineering, this department finds that using the Stratasys 3D printer is advantageous in the overall workflow of some of the more time-consuming projects. At the… Read more »

“From Cruise Control to Satellites” – Keys to KING’s Success


From Cruise Controls to Satellites – Keys to KING’s Success It’s a little-known fact that KING used to make cruise controls for semi-trucks. Now that they specialize in satellite TV antennas, there are still a few members of the staff who have been with KING throughout its many evolutions. Matt McCoy and Darcy VanNevel are… Read more »

Sharing the Dream – Keys to KING’s success


Sharing the Dream – Keys to KING’s success Intro: At KING, we value our personnel. There is a bond between departments at KING that allows us to share ideas in innovative ways and we have fun at work! From invention to production, our teams connect on a regular basis to ensure our customers’ investment pays off.… Read more »