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TV KING portable satellite TV antennas can transport you anywhere! Whether you’re taking your favorite shows with you on your next camping trip or you’re watching a movie to pass the time during the trip in an RV, our products align with your need to stay in the loop while you get away for the… Read more »

KING OmniPro™ with Mount, Omnidirectional OTA HDTV Antenna

Introducing KING’s new omnidirectional OTA antenna! With the new KING OmniPro™, you can enjoy free HDTV anywhere life takes you. Elegant, powerful and easy to use, the KING omnidirectional antenna is simple to install on your RV or travel trailer. Designed for strong signals without requiring pointing, the KING OmniPro is ready to go when you are.

KING OmniGo™ Portable Omnidirectional OTA HDTV Antenna

Introducing the new, first of its kind KING OmniGoTM – the latest innovative solution from KING, the leader in advancing OTA technology. This omnidirectional antenna is uniquely suited for picking up signals from all directions, without having to move or adjust the device. The amplified signal maximizes signal strength to provide the best TV reception available in your area. There is no need to rotate the antenna when finding a TV signal in your new location – simply sit back and let the antenna do the work.

Get free TV in your Palomino Columbus camper with the KING Jack


KING Jack named exclusive OTA antenna for Palomino Columbus BLOOMINGTON, MN—KING, known for its innovation and market presence with over-the-air TV antennas in the luxury fifth-wheel segment, is bringing its industry-leading Jack antenna to yet another Forest River product. The KING Jack will now come standard as the exclusive over-the-air (OTA) digital HDTV antenna on… Read more »

Camping World Grants Wishes, Shares Gift of Mobile TV

Camping World Grants Wishes, Shares Gift of Mobile TV KING partnered with Camping World and the Make-a-Wish Foundation to give the gift of mobile TV to RVing families in the Golden, Colorado area.   Four families saw their wish for camping trailers fulfilled last week, as Camping World donated four Jayco trailers to the cause. The… Read more »

Spoiler Alert! Which of Your Favorite TV Shows Is the Most Successful?


Spoiler Alert! Which of Your Favorite TV Shows Is the Most Successful? While you’re watching TV, do you occasionally find yourself thinking, “How much did they pay for those costumes?” or “I wonder how many people are also watching this same show at the same time…”? The next time you’re fast-forwarding through the commercials from last night’s… Read more »

KING Quest™ For Bell™ TV (Canada) and DISH® (USA)

KING Quest Portable Satellite Antenna - Side Angle - for camping, cars, trucks, RVs, tailgating

Take your Bell programming along on your next outdoor excursion! The KING Quest gives you the flexibility to take your Bell TV channels along with you while traveling in much of Canada. When you cross into the US, it can easily be reprogrammed for use with a DISH pay-as-you-go, month-to-month subscription for your travel in the US.

Tripod Mount for Satellite TV Antennas

The KING Tripod Mount allows you to elevate your KING Portable Satellite TV antenna – specifically your DISH Tailgater®, KING Tailgater® or KING Quest™ – to deliver the best line of sight to the satellite while protecting your antenna from moisture on the ground. It provides an extra wide footprint to ensure stability, and is a convenient way to provide height without having to permanently mount your satellite TV antenna to the roof of your RV, camper or trailer.

4k is the New Thing in TV and it is Here to Stay


4k is The New Thing in TV and it is Here to Stay If you’re wondering why everyone’s talking about 4k, then you have a little catching-up to do. Last year, curved TVs was the topic on the lips of movie buffs the world over, but now, it’s 4k’s turn to stir things up. We’ll… Read more »

Cable Entry Cover for Mounting Satellite TV Antennas

The KING Coax Cable Entry Cover provides a weatherproof, watertight seal where your satellite TV antenna coax penetrates the roof of your recreational vehicle. When installed using a quality roof-compatible sealant, you can enjoy years of trouble-free and leak-free performance. Constructed from sturdy, rust-resistant, UV stable, automotive-grade plastic, the KING Coax Cable Entry Cover is designed for strength and durability, offering the perfect solution for long-term, outdoor use. The cover is compatible with all KING satellite antennas.

Brakebush Transportation adds KING Mobile Satellite TV and DISH In-Cab HD Entertainment to their Fleet

Brakebush Transportation

Brakebush Transportation adds KING Mobile Satellite TV and DISH In-Cab HD Entertainment to their Fleet By Michael R. Schwersenska, CTP September 14, 2015 Westfield, WI – Locally owned Brakebush Transportation, a value-added processor and shipper of great tasting chicken products, announced that they will add high-definition TV from DISH to its fleet of trucks using… Read more »

Satellite TV Antenna

king jack on rv

Satellite TV Antenna KING is the premiere innovator of the portable satellite TV antenna. With a team of highly enthusiastic engineers and creatives, KING electronics are created and assembled in America and delivered to you, so you may enjoy your favorite shows while you’re RVing, trucking, and tailgating on the road or while you’re camping… Read more »

How Satellite TV Works


How Satellite TV Works Satellite TV can seem like a mystery to some people. With megabits of data floating from your service provider to space, and back to your dish again, it may be difficult to envision a simple way for it to work. Imagine being invited to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to see a little boy split… Read more »

KING Offers RV Friendly DISH Satellite TV Activation


KING Offers RV Friendly DISH Satellite TV Activation Bloomington, MN – KING, a leading manufacturer of mobile satellite TV antennas, now makes it easier for RV owners to get DISH pay TV service for their RV. “While our automatic antennas make it very easy to receive satellite TV signals, a common complaint we hear from… Read more »

20 TV Shows About the Great Outdoors

20 TV Shows About the Great Outdoors

20 TV Shows About the Great Outdoors While you’re stuck inside waiting for the next seasonal fishing, hunting, or mountaineering tournament to begin, take your mind on an adventure with these 20 TV shows about the great outdoors. (Shown in no particular order.) Nat Geo Wild What started out as a magazine in the mid-1800s is now… Read more »