4k is the New Thing in TV and it is Here to Stay

4k is The New Thing in TV and it is Here to Stay

If you’re wondering why everyone’s talking about 4k, then you have a little catching-up to do. Last year, curved TVs was the topic on the lips of movie buffs the world over, but now, it’s 4k’s turn to stir things up. We’ll tell you why it’s the next big thing to take over your living room and why you might want to jump on the band wagon soon.


Infographic via Tom’s Guide

What is 4k?

4k resolution, also called 4k, refers to a display device having horizontal resolution of 4,000 pixels. This is essentially double the amount of pixels the standard 1080p screen comprises, packing in double the amount of picture information into each square-inch of the screen.

This means that picture quality is trending toward looking more like the real thing, with each new innovation in the industry. Rtings.com suggests that depending on the size of your TV (or the next TV you’re planning to buy) and the distance between the set and your seat, you may want to invest in 4k.

John Archer, from TrustedReviews.com, writes that sitting closer to a 4k TV is actually beneficial, whereas you would not be advised to sit too close to a regular HDTV.

“You still perceive more depth, colours still look more smoothly rendered, and objects within the picture still look more solid and three-dimensional,” writes Archer.

The Downside

There is not a lot of content available for 4k screens as of yet. TechRadar.com suggests consumers stave off this urge to have the best TV on the block for the next two, or three, years. On the other hand, you could buy this now, while the market is hot and show your friends who the coolest dad in the neighborhood is. However, the masterpiece of a machine would likely remain in your man cave for a couple of years, gathering dust, while you watch the big game on your HDTV.