2015 Football Season Starts in September

Football Season Starts in September

Football is right around the corner! With the first week of preseason games complete, NFL teams around the country are shifting into high speed for the 2015 football season. There are just three preseason games left, but if you’re wondering how the teams who have already played are doing, we’ve got you covered.

Click here for preseason match scores, updated daily, courtesy of NFL.com. And stay tuned for news about the first game, kicking off on Thursday, Sept. 10, as the Steelers take on the Patriots.

New Tech on the Field

Have you noticed there is something different about this year’s preseason games? There are drones on the field, covering the game from on high, for a few teams in the League. In an interview with ESPN Go, Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said, “It’s not going to change the way the game is taught or anything. But it’ll give another teaching tool.”


The all-new Surface Pro 3 tablet, from Microsoft. (via GeekWire)

Also, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 is landing in the hands of coaches and players, as a digital alternative to the college-ruled playbook of yore.

With preseason ending in less than a month, football fans are already placing their bets for their favorite teams. Vegas Insider has the algorithm figured out to determine which teams have the best odds of winning this season, without taking injuries and other unpredictable events into account, of course.

Who are you rooting for?