January 11, 2017 at 5:14 pm


Which is the best travel trailer cover for me?

There are different types of travel trailer covers. Which one is right for you? Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction.


protecting-your-Rv-with-a-cover-300x214Pick material according to weather conditions

There are different types of covers that should be used for each occasion. Depending on impending weather conditions, you would favor one type of cover over another. For example, Classic’s midline cover is made with polypropylene, which protects against the onslaught of UV rays. This type of cover would be perfect for use in arid climates like the desert, where sunshine is one of the biggest threats to the look of your RV over time.

On the other hand, choose an SFS Aqua-Shed travel trailer cover if you live in an area that receives more rain than sunshine. The material used for this type of cover prevents moisture from permeating the fabric such that water beads on the surface and rolls away, instead of seeping through and harming the paint on your trailer.


Make sure you measure your travel trailer prior to purchasing a protective cover. Usually, dealers will know the dimensions of your trailer when you provide them with a make and model. You could, however, find a universal-fit cover that might work on standard-sized trailers. If you have an older Airstream or irregularly curved trailer, seek out brands who build custom covers at a decent price.


Some people make purchasing decisions dependent upon the familiarity they feel with a certain brand. Our advice? Shop around. You could a cover made from top-tier quality from a company you’ve never heard of. Or, you could check Amazon or another unconventional outlet store for the same cover at discounted prices.


Most importantly, timing is a big factor at play when determining which cover to use. If you’re in a jam and you have a tarp at hand, you could use that, but it’s not recommended. If you found a sudden leak in your roof and want to cover it up, quick, without incurring further damages upon the interior of your travel trailer, then it might be acceptable to choose the most readily available material at hand. If you are preparing for a future excursion, check the forecast for the area you’re visiting. Take your time when choosing a cover, if you have the luxury to do some research before the big purchase.


There are plenty of factors that go into the decision-making process when buying a travel trailer cover, timing being the biggest variable to take into consideration.

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