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Antenna Software Updates

The update manual lists the models affected by DISH®’s software update.

Click here to view instructions.
Click here to download the software update for models KD1500/VQ2100/VQ4100.

Service Bulletins

DISH changes affects some mobile satellite TV antennas’ signal acquisition.


How to Install Your KING Jack™ Digital Off-Air HDTV Antenna
How to Install Your KING® Tailgater® Satellite TV Antenna
How to Install Your KING Quest™ Satellite TV Antenna

Initial Setup

HDTV Over-the-Air: Pointing KING Jack antennas for over-the-air broadcast reception

Setup for Second Receiver

What would you do if two members of your family wanted to watch different channels while you’re out camping, tailgating, or RVing? The answer is simple. Using these easy-to-follow instructions you can set up a second receiver for your mobile satellite TV antenna. Choose your service provider from one of the links below and let’s get started!

DISH: Second receiver setup and use with KING satellite TV antenna
DIRECTV®: Second receiver setup and use with KING satellite TV antenna


Want to troubleshoot your KING product on your own? Click your model below for troubleshooting.

Tailgater/KING Relay