KING SureLock

Simple way to find local FREE local TV tower signal before scanning for channels More >


Truck Cab Mount

Built-in vibration isolation allows Tailgater and KING Flex portable antennas to be permanently mounted on the back of long haul trucks. More >

Side Mount, Portable Sat. Antenna

Cab Mount Plate

For temporary mounting of Tailgater and KING Flex portable antennas on side of vehicle. More >


Window Mount

Quickly attaches Tailgater and KING Flex portable antennas to truck window when parked More >

Ladder Mount, Portable Sat. Antenna

Ladder Bracket

Ladder mounting bracket for Tailgater and KING portable satellite antennas. More >

Tailgater Alarm

Tailgater Alarm

Connects between antenna and receiver. Audible alarm sounds if antenna is disconnected. More >

ViP211Z HD Solo Receiver

DISH HD Solo ViP211z Receiver

The DISH ViPĀ®211z is a high-definition (HD), single-tuner satellite receiver that is perfect for mobile use. Add to your account for $7/mo or sign up for pay-as-you-go programming. More >


KING Jack Mounting Plate

Use when replacing an existing crank-up style antenna and mast assembly with a JACK antenna for water-tight seal. More >


Jack Power Injector Switch Plate

Power injector wall-mount switch plate with 12 volt connectors for amplified TV antennas. More >