KING Rover

KING Rover

One-touch, automatic satellite acquisition in a full sized dome for the best possible reception.  Simple installation with no external power or controller cables required.  Easily replace your older satellite antenna without the need to re-wire your RV or Camper. The KING Rover works with a variety of satellite receivers for DIRECTV, DISH and BELL TV.  Built with dual output to watch programming on two TVs.

KING Rover

Part#: KD1500
MSRP: $899

Owner’s Manual

Does not receive DIRECTV HD programming.
Not compatible with DIRECTV Ka band satellites or SWM only receivers.

*DIRECTV compatible receivers: Models D10, D11, D12, H20, HR20, H21, HR22, HR23, H24 and HR24. Not compatible with SWM only receivers (such as model H25 and HR25)

*DISH compatible receivers: DISH SD – model 311 and DISH HD and SD – models 411, ViP®211, ViP211k, ViP211z, or Wally™

*Bell TV compatible receivers: Model – Bell TV 6400

Discounted MFR Refurb


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