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spring camping

After being cooped up inside for the winter, camping is a perfect way to kick off the start of spring.

How to plan the perfect spring camping trip?
3/09/2017 – @myKINGproduct 

Spring is a wonderful time to go camping, but as the weather can be unpredictable, it is important to be prepared. Despite the extra work to make certain all bases are covered, camping in the spring has many benefits.



Some people make purchasing decisions dependent upon the familiarity they feel with a certain brand. Our advice? Shop around.

Which is the best travel trailer cover for me?
1/11/2017 – @myKINGproduct 

Most importantly, timing is a big factor at play when determining which cover to use. If you’re in a jam and you have a tarp at hand, you could use that, but it’s not recommended. If you found a sudden leak in your roof and want to cover it up, quick, without incurring further damages upon the interior of your travel trailer, then it might be acceptable to choose the most readily available material at hand. If you are preparing for a future excursion, check the forecast for the area you’re visiting. Take your time when choosing a cover, if you have the luxury to do some research before the big purchase.



The KING Jack will now come standard as the over-the-air (OTA) digital HDTV antenna on new East Coast orders of the Springdale and Summerland.

KING Jack named exclusive OTA antenna for Keystone Springdale and Summerland
1/03/2017 – @myKINGproduct 

“We’re extremely excited to continue our growing partnership with KING,” added Product Manager Dustin Tavernier of Keystone. “We’re confident that KING’s history of innovation and product excellence, combined with our expanding product family, will provide the very best entertainment experience for our owners.”



The KING SureLock does not amplify existing signal along with the noise, but helps you aim your antenna more accurately directly at the tower for best clean reception.

How to use the KING SureLock Signal Meter
12/07/2016 – @myKINGproduct 

You asked and we answered! Here are full instructions, in full detail, for how to properly use our KING SureLock signal meter for the KING Jack over-the-air antenna.





The KING Jack will now come standard as the exclusive over-the-air (OTA) digital HDTV antenna on all new orders of Keystone’s Alpine and Avalanche luxury fifth-wheel series.

KING Jack named exclusive OTA antenna for two Keystone product series
11/23/2016 – @myKINGproduct 

KING, known for its innovation and market presence with over-the-air TV antennas in the luxury fifth-wheel segment, is bringing its industry-leading Jack antenna to two more Keystone product series.



Rory King is not just the head woodworker at KING, he also made all of the screen print art and sculptures you see around the Bloomington facility.

The Art You See Here Was Made by a Member of the Family
11/09/2016 – @myKINGproduct 

As you stroll the halls of the KING building in Bloomington, Minn., you can see 8-10 (out of about 50, he’s made over the years) of Rory’s sculptures. Down the main entry hall, if you keep heading back until you hit Randy Nelson’s office, you’ll see about five of his sculptures in a loose cluster juxtaposed with old filing cabinets–his latest resting just shy of direct light.